Additional Translations

The Admonition of Thanlil
A South American Inscription

Translated by Samuel Warren Shaffer

          My Son Dothrin be sober for thou art the Son of Thanlil, stand up unto the position you were born to fill and be a man; crossing yourself from all wickedness and covenant to fulfill all of your duties.  Also gird up your loins for in a man’s belt is his strength.  Restful are the ultimate paths of honor and joyful are the wages of wisdom and understanding.  If ye know yourself ye shall never be ensnared by the arm of ruin.  I say arm instead of cord because ruin is not just a cord that can be cut but it hath an arm, for it is a power which always actively seeks the destruction of the people.
          The Kings have been raised up for their people; the people were not raised up for their Kings.  The King shall be the arm of their strength and the face of their courage.  The King is the servant of his people and the people serve him in order that he might better serve them.  In the beginning God made Kings to preserve their people in every crisis and to lead them unto prosperity in every time of abundance.  A King should neither lament that his times are the times of trouble nor should he grow restless in prosperity.  Kings were raised up to serve their people, not to envy the times of others.
          The Kings men are his brothers and comrades, he shall only put their lives in danger to save the lives of his people, and the King shall ask nothing that he would not do himself if put in the situation with no other alternative but to do it himself.  Now I shall speak unto you somewhat about the Kingly Priesthood.
          When ye are washed, clothed in the Royal Garments and Anointed a King ye are a King in the Eternal worlds, anointed and ordained to join thy fathers in the halls of the Ancients, but behold ye are not the King of your people until they shall acknowledge thee with a salute.
          And now they shall hail thee with a salute and make an Oath to uphold thee as long as ye maintain the principles of righteousness.  And as they make the Oath they shall put the tips of their fingers together with their pinkies and thumbs extended that they might see the shape of the heavenly creature through the steeple of their hands.   And now righteousness is to put the interests of your own people before any other people.  And now thy people are of one nation and of one race and if other nations and races shall try to come upon your lands ye shall cut them down and even wall up all thy defenses for the inheritance and culture of thy nation is the highest priority.
          Those who promote other people having rights in thy nation or if they say there should be treaties of nations, yea all those who shall take any active part in subjugating thy people to other nations have committed treason and should be put to death.  And now this applies unto the King also, for when a King no longer solely defends the interests of his people he hath committed treason and his people have the right to take up their arms and put him to death.
          Oh be a righteous King my Son and the right to rule shall be bestowed upon thee not only by the Voice of your people but also by the very heavens above.  And now once ye are washed, dressed and anointed ye shall also be given a golden ball which is a director and a balancer of the powers of understanding and wisdom, and ye shall be also given a scepter which is a sign of your power. 
          Yea ye shall then have power to call the court of the King and if ye follow the basic principles of righteousness the heavens shall bestow upon thy head Wisdom and Understanding, and ye shall be able to balance it in temperance and propriety in all things.  May thy reign be long!  Amen.
          Now Dothrin was crowned over the Kingdom of the Nephtaleem and his days were glorious and prosperous insomuch that he attained much wisdom of the arts and of the stars and he executed justice and righteousness all his days.

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The Sayings of Mannus

Translated by Samuel Warren Shaffer

1. Behold I am Mannus God of the Teutonic race. Many are the rotations of the
stars of my wandering. I have traversed the skies and seen many worlds. I am
ancient in days but look as young as a young man barely attaining unto manhood.
2. Backwards are the years of the mortal races, for forwards are the days of the
Elder races that grow ever younger and more powerful in vitality into the long
stretches of eternity, save when they shall come upon mortal worlds and have the
process reversed from time to time. For to decay is to go backwards and to grow is
to progress forwards.
3. And now some have asked will the universe go backwards at the middle of time?
But I say unto thee it is already going backwards for those in mortality, and
forwards for those who have escaped Samsara.
4. For behold those worlds shrouded in darkness already turn backwards unto the
disillusionment of all things, but the eternal worlds are those who continue to
move forwards in the progress of life and growth.
5. And now the growth upon the worlds of darkness is but an illusion, for it is only
the small sparks of the memory of life that makes things spring into mortal life for
a brief moment and then over time to decay back into death.
6. Now that spark of life is possessed by some and they use it to grow a little and
then to decay, for they are in a world of decay and change, they being in the part of
the Universe that is heading for disillusionment, for you can only be going in one
of two directions, unto eternal life or unto eternal death.
7. And behold you must give up this world seeing that all is death and ascend with
thy Vrana body unto the worlds of life.
8. And now just as a real Magi shall take the Astral reality out of a glass and let the
glass fall into oblivion, so is the body. For all around stand amazed that he would
let his glass break, but he is more fascinated in the Vrana glass for he sees the true
reality of the glass. The glass is not broken, only the temporal shell that held it
bound was broken.
9. So shall a Seer give up his life and be happy to escape with his Vranic self unto
more exalted spheres. For he is truly already resurrected, his physical body of
flesh and bones being made up of a finer physical material. 
10. For Vrana is a physical energy and those who keep their Vrana self have a
body with spiritual matter flowing in its veins and a spiritual body also, for Vrana
is not spirit; spiritual matter being much finer.
11. As a child closes his eyes he seeth many colors and diverse energies, yea he
shall see visions and many strange creatures and things. And when he shall tell his
parents they shall tell him he imagined it, even though the child shall know that he
did not conceive of it in his own mind.
12. But how did it appear if they did not make it up the parent shall say, never
considering that the child could not have made up things that were entirely beyond
their experience unless they had been influenced by something beyond themselves.
13. The reason for this confusion is simple; when an adult closes their eyes they
see nothing but darkness. And an adult seeing nothing but darkness cannot
imagine there is anything there but darkness.
14. So who is more perceptive of things, the child who is rooted in another world
or the adult who is rooted in this world and believes they perceive things more
clearly because they do upon a physical level?
15. And yet when a child dies they can perceive darkness for darkness, and light
for light and they turn unto the light and are saved. When the adult goes out of this
world unprepared and untrained, they are confused and don’t know which is
darkness and which is light and are full of fear, losing their Vrana body and
ultimately becoming subject to whatever power has a whim to subject them unto
captivity, and thus come under spiritual and mental bondage.
16. And behold the author of this bondage is mortal mind, which is also the author
of religions who presume authority beyond their own family ties, reject love,
author fear instead of faith, are full of absurd doctrines and rules and ultimately
abuse the human race and put mankind into captivity; even before they die.
17. Break free, all of mine children who are of the Teutonic race! Know that the
Keys are within you. They flow within your blood and rest in the deep ocean beds
of your mind. Look with the eyes of a child and with perfect faith presuming not
but what flows unto you like a river of life into your mind. Close your eyes until
you can see what you once saw as a child, reverse this decaying effect that hath
been wrought upon you.
18. As you still breath, you may save your Vrana self and be raised in the
Resurrection even before you die. See the diverse energies and believe that the
power of life is within you. 
19. Look back through the recesses of your mind, boredom and trauma have
blocked you from your earliest memories, and then reach back before them, back
before your brain began to work, reach back with all of your might right out of
your physical brain back to the Vranic memories and then still further stretch and
reach until you remember your spiritual memories and awaken thy spiritual mind
and remember. Wait for the murky waters to abate and always continue to
20. Remember that you are not from this place, remember the light, remember the
music of past places and worlds, remember that you have had experiences and
have been visited by Angels as a child and before. If you are of mine race you
have always been a child of the Gods.
21. Oh ye who are trapped in this desolate place hear my voice and know that I
speak the truth and that the truth is within you. Know that you have the power to
overcome this world. The powers that be and the swirling darkness dread you
regaining that knowledge, when you have that knowledge they lose all power over
you and you gain all power over them.
22. Remember as a child, look as a child and reason with a clear mind as a crystal
glass, and gain the true reason that is beyond the glass and then let the glass fall
and this whole world shall shatter as it hits the floors of oblivion.
23. Then ye shall see Eternal worlds and ye shall not be kept from any one of
them, ye shall touch the Divine Mind which is in you and you shall know you are
without beginning of days or end of years and in that moment ye shall gain the
Knowledge of Eternal lives and the Keys whereby ye may receive all Priesthood
after the Order of the Gods themselves, for you shall remember that you are a God,
even a child of God.
24. I have sent mine Sons down to countless worlds, even mine only begotten Sons
have I sent which were born from within me as I became a male and female God
again and again. They have shown the knowledge of the Son to many that have in
turn taught the words of life and escaped the worlds of darkness.
25. And now this earth upon which you live hath born many worlds and shall
continue to bear many worlds. A world is born when a people can no longer
remain in this world of darkness and the earth births a portion of herself to ascend
further into the light, whereas this world is contaminated and shall not change, or
in other words the majority of its inhabitants shall not come unto the light but shall
sooner or later be destroyed.
26. And the earth may at last once it hath been burned clean in eons of time come
into the higher realms, but not until all the inhabitants of darkness are destroyed
from off its face, and only then may those upon it grow younger in life and vitality
in their pure Vranic state.
27. But behold this shall not happen in the foreseeable future, wherefore ye must
forsake this world of darkness as perhaps this earth shall someday forsake it and
come unto life; for if ye are not growing in life ye shall decay unto death, which is
the path of this world.
28. Yea there came a time when the Elder folk had to leave the shores of this earth
into the seas of space or face the reversing of their life age unto decay and old age
as mortals understand it. For the eating of this world is the acceptance of mortality.
29. It was at this time that the Adamah of the various stars did begin to come here
to give their children mortal bodies, that they might learn light from darkness and
good from evil. And so they could ascend beyond it with their Vrana-selves and
enjoy Eternal lives among the Gods.
30. Oh mine children just look, it is there. Just search ye shall find. Just ask and
we shall tell thee. Just knock upon the veils of heaven with up raised hands and
voices that we may be prodded unto action; for we shall not infringe upon the free-
agency of man and you must turn unto us before we are able to turn unto you.
31. We loved you first and made you bodies whereby you could experience mortal
existence, and we first loved you when we bore thy spirits in Eternal worlds, and
we shall still love you and bestow our divine love upon your heads; ye but have to
ask for it.
32. And mistake not Divine love with the absence of judgment for it is by our love
that we judge, and we have judged not to infringe upon the agency of man. If man
shall eternally slay himself we must let him. However know that ye are safe in our
arms, but those who do not come unto us reap their own rewards.
33. Most of mankind are like unto clay golems, totally oblivious to the true nature
of things, they see only the crude spectrum of light that enters their eyes and is sent
unto their brains, and then their brain processes it and categorizes it and commands
them to act upon it automatically according to set patterns and habits, they are
dead to all that is real.
34. Break through these chains of mortal mind my children; let the entire world
believe that you are out of your mind, because ye are out of your mortal mind. Let
the glass shatter, only then shall ye see things as they really are.
35. Let your ears be unstopped and hear the voice of God! Be not dumb and talk
to Angels and Spirits. Be thou healed of blindness and look beyond the veil and
see Visions and commune with the unseen and immortal worlds.
36. And when ye do all this ye shall be shown by loving Parents the way out of the
darkness and unto the light. Ye shall know the secrets of your energy and shall
walk in the ways of life continually, sloughing off the chains of this world and
partaking of the robes of the next.
37. Be still, believe, be healed, and then move with all rushing speed in the work
the Gods shall give you, and then come home. Amen.

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The Emerald Tablet
of Hermes Trimagus

Translated by Samuel Warren Shaffer

1. This is a true message without guile of which there is a surety.
2. That which is above is like that which is below and that which is below cometh of that which is above.  Wherefore they are in one a single mystery.
3. And as all things cometh from one cause, and is the result of the meditation of those who are one, which conception is perceived as the unity of all things.
4. Its parents are the luminaries, for its father is the Sun and its mother is the moon.
5. It was carried in the wind as an egg, and was enwrapped by it as in a womb; it was nourished by the earth for the earth is its nurse maid and nursed it at the breast.
6. This is a great and deep mystery.
7. The fire (Vrana) came upon the earth and into the clay.  Now if they should be mixed up, separate the fire from the earth with careful effort; also do it prudently with much wisdom and understanding.
8. Yea separate the fire out of the clay, the subtle from the gross, and the divine from the base.
9. Now the fire shall ascend up into the heavens and shall again return unto the earth from round to round, and by this method shall ye receive glory and power over the whole world and shall rule over that which is above and that which is below.
10. Thus ye shall receive light and intelligence and all obscurity shall flee from you, and ye shall see all things.
11. This is the mystery which perceiveth all subtle things and penetrates all gross things, and this perception shall subdue all things both subtle and hard.
12. Wherefore by this method was the world created.
13. Now by this method are marvelous things achieved, and by this understanding that all things may be ascertained.
14. Which is why I received the name of Hermes Trimagus, for I have understood and uncovered the three parts of the Magisism of the Universe.
15. This is the work of the inhabitants of the Sun, and the process of the Alchemy of truth.

Heil Hermes!

It is an esoteric tradition to retranslate the Emerald Tablet.

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Translated by Seer Reffar Hamul Swan

1. Upon the Spring equinox ye shall celebrate and perform the rights of fertility, for the mothers of nature watch over thee continually.
2. Upon the Summer solstice ye shall celebrate and drink for thy warriors for the father of lights always protects thee.
3. Upon the Fall equinox ye shall gather in your food and drink and eat for the hags do always bless thee.
4. Upon the Winter solstice ye shall celebrate and kiss under the mistletoe for the elder doth always impart his wisdom and all is reborn.

Revelation to Seer Reffar Hamul Swan on June 22nd 2011

          Behold mine Son Samuel, I desire that ye should expound upon the record ye found upon the Roseau Stone, so that mine people can be instructed more perfectly regarding the feasts of the Lord.  And also so ye can fulfill that understanding which I endowed upon mine Son Yaroslav that ye would bring forth the record of the Yule Tide.


1. The first day of Ostara which is the Spring Equinox shall be a day in which ye shall take a new first born lamb, and shall put a wreath upon it and shall bless it saying, we shall not sacrifice thee as the children of the devils do!  But ye shall be a guest at our feast.  Then ye shall lead him to the table and feed him food.
2. After this ye shall explain that it is the knowledge of the Saviors and their teachings that save us and not their killing by the evil imposters.
3. Then ye shall have a sacrament of unleavened bread and wine, and ye shall also eat bitter herbs saying; this is a symbol of the captivity of orthodoxy our race has been under because of the Jews!
4. Then thy wives should take off their clothes and the men should masterbate and when everyone has done this and the wives have put it all in one bowl they shall paint it upon the door frame saying, oh ye angels of death we have no fear of you knowing that we have the knowledge of life and salvation!
5. After ye do all this ye should drink and lay with each other and do whatever you want.
6. On the second day of Ostara ye shall also have a sacrament of unleavened bread and wine.
7. Then the wives should make hard boiled eggs and paint serpents upon them and go hide them for the men and children to find.
8. When they find the eggs they should go and put them in their wives or mother’s, or friend’s wives or friend’s mother’s shirt between her breasts whereupon she should give them a kiss.
9. Then she should explain to them that the eggs represent their own Vranic eggs and that the serpent is the energy which comes up through their wheels giving them the power of resurrection.
10. Upon the third day of Ostara everyone should eat another feast and think of the times that the evil imposters have killed the Sons of God, and there should be a time of peace and quite after which someone should say, Remember, remember my people that the Jews have killed our Lord!
11. Then the people should have another sacrament of bread and wine.
12. On the fourth day of Ostara everyone should be baptized symbolizing the resurrection and think about the work for the dead, or do work for the dead.
13. The fifth day of Ostara is a day for the work for the dead also.
14. The sixth day of Ostara is also a day in which people can think about the work for the dead.
15. But the night of the sixth day the women should select a young man upon whom they should put a crown of leaves and give a staff and a toga.
16. Then all the women should lay their hands upon his head and ordain him unto the Priesthood office of a Priest of Dionesus, and then they should go up into the mountains or into a secret room in the Temple with him.
17. After they have done all this they should take off all their clothes and worship the boy as Dionesus and have sex with him if he is of age if not just masterbate to him and eat raw meat and drink blood if they are brave enough.  (Not from manufactured meat!)
18. Now upon the morning of the sixth day of Ostara everyone should be informed that the Son of God has been resurrected!  Whereupon they shall be lead to an altar or bed with folded clothes upon it and they shall all rejoice and have another feast.
19. Upon the seventh day of Ostara everyone should have a sacrament of unleavened bread and wine one more time whereupon it should be explained that the unleavened bread represents not being puffed up like unto the Jews.
20. Upon the eighth day of Ostara everyone should just have sex with their neighbors or whoever wants to have a good time.
21. The ninth and tenth days of Ostara is the same.
22. Upon the eleventh day of Ostara there should be gift giving and goodies given out and general celebration for life and fertility.
23. Upon the twelve day of Ostara the Endowment of the Patriarchs should be performed for those who are ready and worthy for it, and that night there should be a feast and an ending dedicatory prayer for the feast of Ostara wherein the people should be blessed with safety and unity until midsummer.

Beltain (Mayday)


1. Upon the first day of Midsummer you should dance around the May pole and retire to love making with all of your neighbors.
2. During that night ye should have a great bonfire and burn a wooden swastika, symbolizing the eternal Sun.
3. Upon the second day of Midsummer you should have a sacrament of bread and wine, and have a meeting whereupon you should pray that the Holy Ghost fall upon all those who are in attendance and then the one presiding should go around and place his hand on everyones head, afterwards you should perform the wine ordinance.
4. Upon the third day of Midsummer you should have a feast and everyone should be crowned with oak branches.
5. Upon the fourth day of Midsummer everyone should take an Oath to defend land and race and play war games, at the end of which should be a bonfire where the defense rune should be burned.
6. Upon the fifth day there should be another feast and bonfire in which two sig runes should be burned which symbolize the lighting of inspiration, during which everyone should hail the King.
7. Upon the sixth day of Midsummer there should be a procession of people in masks and a dance.
8. Upon the seventh day of Midsummer everyone should dance around the may pole again and have a good time with plenty of ale.
9. Upon the eighth day of Midsummer everyone who is worthy should be washed and anointed.
10. Upon the ninth day of Midsummer everyone who is worthy should receive the Oath and Covenants of the Priesthood pertaining to their own Gods.
11. Upon the tenth day of Midsummer there should be another feast with plenty of ale.
12. Upon the eleventh day of Midsummer everyone should do favors for each other.
13. Upon the Twelfth day of Midsummer everyone should rest and drink plenty of ale.

Lughnasah (Celebration of the Sun)


1. Upon the first day of Mabon the priests should blow trumpets, and everyone should have a dance.
2. Upon the second day of Mabon the harvest should be gathered in if there is anymore to gather.
3. Upon the Third day of Mabon the women should dance naked in the corn batch if there is one to dance in.
4. Upon the fourth day of Mabon everyone should fast and end their fast with a sacrament of fruit and ale.
5. Upon the fifth day of Mabon the women should leap over the fire for futility while wearing nothing but crowns of corn husks.
6. Upon the sixth day of Mabon the men should erect tents and sleep in them, the women may sleep inside or come choose a tent to sleep in.
7. Upon the seventh day of Mabon the story of Mabon should be told and the meanings of the five animals revealed (1).  There should also be a great feast and the men should sleep in the tents.
8. Upon the eighth day of Mabon there should be the first half of the Aaronic Endowment performed for those who are worthy, afterwards they should have a feast and the men should sleep in the tents again.
9. Upon the ninth day of Mabon they should perform the second half of the Aaronic Endowment with who participated the day before and then have a feast afterwards, and the men should still stay in the tents.
10. Upon the tenth day of Mabon there should be a great feast in which there should be plenty of ale and the men should continue sleeping in the tents.
11. Upon the eleventh day of Mabon, everyone should rest and sleep in the tents.
12. Upon the twelfth day of Mabon everyone should perform the water ordinance and those who are worthy should have their feet washed, everyone sleeps in the tents one last time, and the women may choose which tent they want to sleep in.

(1) The Raven leads to the Stag the Stag to the Owl, the Owl to the Eagle and the Eagle to the Salmon.  The Salmon represents the phallic symbol which is the knowledge to bring back past generations through the mystery of multiple mortal probations just as the Salmon swims up the river from which it came.  This is by what means Mabon was freed from his mother's womb.


Samhain (Thinning of the Veil)


1. Upon the first day of the Yule Tide which hath often been done by the Moons but shall be the Winter Solstice unto you, ye shall take a great log out of the forest and throw a it upon a bonfire.
2. Upon the second day of Yule ye shall go upon a bore hunt unless you do not have the means, and upon the second night ye shall have a great feast of bore to commemorate those who have gone to Valhalla.
3. Upon the third day of Yule ye shall perform the crowning ordinance and anointings for those who are worthy, for it is the day of the King.
4. Upon the fourth day of Yule the druids shall go out and gather mistletoe with a golden sickle in commemoration of Baldur, and shall hang it in the hall.  That night there should be a great feast and everyone should make love under the mistletoe that peradventure perhaps Holy Children may be born and maybe Baldur himself since he was killed by the same plant.
5. Upon the fifth day of Yule the Melchizedek Enowment shall be administered unto those who are worthy.
6. Upon the sixth day those who are members of the Holy Order shall go unto the place set up like the Garden of Eden and shall take off each others clothes and make love under the tree of life to symbolize overcoming this world.
7. Upon the seventh day of Yule ye shall put a gift for each person under the tree of death so that they may know that worldly gain is ultimately evil.  One gift should say it is from Satan; someone should suggest the kids throw it on the Yule fire, but if they decided to open it, it should have coal or be empty.  During the feast that night there should be an apple with cloves in it.  When someone eats one of the cloves they should go offer it to another at which point they should ask a favor of them.  The apple with the cloves should be thus passed around.
8. Upon the eighth day of Yule the tree of death shall be taken and burned in the Yule fire, which should be burning throughout the festival if possible, after which everyone should make a toast to its demise with ale.
9. Upon the Ninth day of Yule everyone should have a feast during which someone should say, remember that love is the true gift of Yule.  After the feast everyone should dance naked around the tree of life.
10. Upon the tenth day of Yule the Signs of the clans of Israel should be revealed.
11. Upon the eleventh day of Yule there should be a feast with plenty of ale.
12. Upon the twelfth day of Yule the All Father Wotan should be addressed and a dedicatory prayer should be offered for safety and security for the remainder of the winter.  That night everyone should choose whose bed they wish to sleep in.

Imbolg (Love) 


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卍 The Petra-glyph of Wotan 卐
Translated by 
Seer Reffar Hamul Swan

1. Behold Father Wotan is sitting upon the south east corner stone of the heavenly Temple.
2. Thor is upon his right and Baldur is upon his left, wielding the staves of death and rebirth.
3. Now Wotan is wearing the robes of the Holy Priesthood and the cloak of immortality and being enlightened by the light of the invisible Sun.
4. On their left is one of the Vishnaheim revealing the power and Keys of the universe on the heads of the Solar Gods.
5. Now these are the words inscribed upon the right side of the Petra-glyph.
6. The Primal Man holding his right arm to the square crowned with the compass and weaving his garments as a testimony before the Lord, did verily circumscribe all truth in the circle of power by which he did receive enlightenment from the navel of the world.
7. Wherefore he was blessed and did receive the stones of Priesthood upon the pillars of the gospel. 
8. Now all these symbols put together do make a sacred name which is _____________, meaning Garments in the Adamic tongue.


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The Account of Memnala

Son of Memnozer

Translated by Seer Reffar Hamul Swan

1. I am Memnala Son of Memnozer, who was the Son of Jacob Israel.  I did travel to the far distant land across the Atantas Sea.
2. Yeah I do have the knowledge of the cross of light which is the Sign of the Dove in mine head and I am crowned with the Serpent of Light and the boughs of Jansir.
3. And now mine eyes have been continually upon mine magnetic arrow, and I have gone crossway unto it, sailing unto the west.  For the wise men say there is a land there. (1)
4. Behold, my compass is upon a firm foundation and my rod is strait, and I have set my bow upon a rock which can never fail.
5. And swords cannot come against me out of the abyss, for behold, freedom is my banner and the spirit of wandering is the hoof of my horse.
6. Behold no man hath the right to establish a government over another, those who wish to have order should make order in themselves.
7. May the blood of the martyrs wave continually and may the abyss swallow up the power of all worldly governments.
8. Peace is predicated upon the foundation of each subsisting upon his own bow and learning the wisdom of surviving in the land with which he hath been endowed.
9. Behold, none shall claim the foot stool of God.  My Sign is the Compass upon the Stone.  Amen.

(1). Ancients thought the South was the top of the world since magnetism falls to the north; so look at this tablet facing south and you will see what he means by going west.


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 The Book of Fritzion

Translated by Samantha and Samuel Warren Shaffer

1. What it means to be western man is sunflowers by a cottage on the side of a meadow; deep northern forests which go on and on forever, in which our race sits by the fire.
2. The canopy of aspens shining through the green light of truth, mountains like the teeth of Ymir and waves like the light in the darkness of our closed eyes.
3. Freedom and love abounding in white breasts; this is the meaning of western man, to be and to have joy.
4. Where are we on this one world amid the endless stars?  Is it out there or within us?  It is within manifest without, all these things have meaning.
5. The forests and meadows, the mountains and seas, Aryans and all other animals, all these things have meaning, even the smallest flower and the largest tree; if we do not enjoy them we will not be within ourselves.
6. We must see the darkness and the light for what they are, neither evil nor good, only when we see things from the meaning within us will we have clear vision.  Perfection is to see and understand; therefore nurture the darkness and the inner light which exists inside you.
7. There is no law, but those principles which emanate from within us; be truly you, and you will fulfill the meaning of western man.
8. Nothing is inherently good or evil; only through the relationships we have with things internally do we create this state of being that can be shifted with perspective.
9. Reality does not neglect even the smallest being that fulfills its purpose and gains that state of wholeness and joy.
10. The canopy of eternity is the dwelling place of all things and the heim of the mind is their refuge; even the animals have this place.
11. Tangry was both male and female, who dwelled in dreams.  He had two sons with his feminine self and one became the God of the future and the other of the past, for one son destroyed the work of the other; but all these things were kept and nothing was lost in Tangry’s ocean of dreams.  The work of Tangry’s sons was like a glass moving over an endless painting.
12. Each man has many souls which he must bring together from the land of his dreams in order to be over the world, but just as content can be he who dwells within it as a man under a tree in the rain.  Many say they want to be God who only want to receive, if you truly want to receive then just receive.
13. No one must believe in my religion or not believe, I promise nothing but to remind you what is in yourself.
14. I myself live in a cottage on the edge of the forest.  I talk to the animals and I have sunflowers by my house.  I love any who come to learn from me, that is the beginning and end of my work.
15. If you are an Aryan you are holy, whether you shall look for the sleeping giant which is the God inside you or not. 
16. Be without fear and love purely and everything will be well no matter the poetic beginning that comes to you, even if others would call it un-poetic.  Have peace, it is already within you like a cold spring from under a great oak.

When you are done with something walk away

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