1. Where do all these books come from?

    Each comes from different places and objects, some are translations of plates or manuscripts, some are vision/inspiration assisted interpretations of pictures. Some are direct inspiration/visions/dictations that have been transcribed.

  2. These books conflict with the bible/accepted history.

    Well, when two things conflict on a specific point, only one can be right about that point at a given time. Ergo, either the bible/accepted history or these works are a lie, misunderstood, incomplete, or talking about something else.

    That is for you to judge for yourself, I however do not place anything on this site unless I consider it interesting.

  3. Who are the Aryans really?

    Aryans are one of the many european white "caucasian" races. It is not neccesarily 6 foot tall with blonde hair, blue eyes, and the ability to shoot lasers out of your fingers. Blonde hair, and blue eyes are traits that aryans commonly have, but are not required to be an aryan.

    In sanskrit Aryan means "Fair, and Noble." Fair in this sense does not mean fair like judgement, that is covered by noble, it means fair as in light in color. Fair skin is among the most prominent features of Aryans, and is noted as a desirable feature in many of their legends.

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  1. Do you endorse Vampirism?

    We believe that blood, just like sex is a manner of Vranic energy exchange. This has many implications and can be a way to obtain mortality. We also believe that the Gods, being wise and long lived, know when it is or is not appropriate to consume blood and to what degree.

    Devouring the blood of mortals, does not bestow immortality, it bestows mortality, so I would not suggest consuming the blood of mortal beings unless you wish to die at some point.

    Hurting someone without their consent for blood, is wrong, it is no different than any other act of violence.

  2. Do you endorse Racism?

    I hold the belief that each of the races has a unique heritage and identity, and I believe in preserving and progressing mine. I bear no ill will for any with the same inclinations. We are all here, and we are all different, just as my concept of beauty is different than that of others, so is our belief in what is right or what is most desirable. I believe that everyone should align themselves with their own heritage and bear it proudly.

  3. Do you endorse Alcohol?

    Alcohol is a fantastic and wonderful substance that blesses mankind with its effects, it is not however always good to consume it.

    • If you are depressed it will make you more depressed, which is generally viewed as bad.
    • In large quantities it is harmful.
    • When under the influence decision making and skills may diminish in quality.
  4. Do you believe in destiny/fate/karma?

    Yes, however I also believe in free agency. Destiny or fate does not under any circumstances make any being do anything ever. Destiny is the result of your own nature and decisions. You make your destiny, you are not ruled by it.

    Anyone who says that something was unavoidable because it was destiny/fated, is using it as an excuse, and is a coward or does not believe in free agency. Not believing in free agency is also a symptom of being a coward who cannot take responsibility for their actions.

    Karma is not the same thing as destiny or fate, Karma is the law that what goes around comes around, for instance if you are a terrible person, terrible things will happen to you. This is true. All things in creation have free agency and if you are a terrible jerk sooner or later other things in the universe will get sick of you and decide to pay you back. Likewise if you are a wonderful person good things will happen to you sooner or later.

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  1. Why do you have Swastikas everywhere? Isn't that a hate symbol?

    Actually it's not, it is a symbol of creation, and the flow of energy. It is a symbol present in many cultures' heritages. It represents a dual axis spiral armed bar galaxy.

    The Mongolians call the symbol a Khas, and teach that if the foot is to the left it is a male symbol that gives energy and understanding, and if the foot is to the right it is a female symbol that draws you in, demonstrating wisdom.

    Many of the ancient Aryans called it a Gamalion, and it can face either direction without the meaning changing too drastically, the only difference is counter clockwise facing arms draws in (female), and clockwise facing arms give (male). It is one of the nonalphabetical runes.

    Some may believe that it is a hate symbol because Hitler used it and we are often told that he was a hateful fellow. We however should not let the poor conduct of a single group dictate the values of our culture.

    I chose it for my site because a red Swastika represents the heritage and bloodline of the Aryans, and a green Swastika is a symbol of a God. I decided it should be male facing as a representation of it giving light and knowledge.

  2. How did you get those swastikas in the titles?

    There's an alt code for them, which lets you insert them straight into text documents, however they don't work in ANSI, only Unicode and similar formats, so you can paste them into notepad but unless the notepad document is already saved with something other than ANSI then you can't use the altcodes to make them, they work most other places though.

    卍Here are the alt codes:卐
    卐 ALT + 21328
    卍 ALT + 21325

  3. Who designed the graphics?

    A young girl on DA that goes by Luneraga designed the logo. You can find more of her excellent artwork here.

    I made the background.

    As for the pictures/plates in the texts on this site they are from alternate sources, either drawn as diagrams by the writer, found through undisclosed research, or found in an area typically referenced in the title of the article.

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  1. Does the content of this site reflect the view of your church/community/country?

    Not even remotely, the views expressed on this site only reflect the view of the author of said views, they also partially reflect my views as I must find them either true, logical, or thought provoking to host them here.

    They do not however reflect the views of anyone else let alone conglomerates of people.

    The content contained on this site is not to be used as a reason to persecute anyone else, nor are they to be held responsible.

    I and the author of the content alone are responsible for the content of this site, and are the only ones with said views unless otherwise expressed.

  2. How can I add a question to this FAQ?

    Simple, ask it at the contact page on the left. If you do not want it added, specify that it is a private question that you do not want added, and it will not be added unless someone else asks the same question and does not wish it to be private.

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