Some Thoughts about Sight
Revealed to Damion Celestine Selore

Some thoughts you need to hear about sight:
There is the fundamental problem of vision.
That not everyone sees things the same way.
Not because what you see isn't quite truth.
Rather everyone sees the truth differently.
So before you before you despair that they,
do not quite happen to see what you you do.
Remember that the truth is always the same.
And they may someday see it the way you do.

Don't try to add lines to explain that way.
Sight is always fundamentally explained by,
the way that the singal is interpreted, you
see all the things your mind can push into,
your spiritual then physical frame of view.
Some of it is always lost on the long trip.
The fundamental message is always the same.
The implications and understanding does not
always however make it all the way through.

Notice how each line has exactly the same amount of characters, and each stanza is exactly 9 lines long.  Note also that the "you you" in line 7 of stanza 1 is not an error, in the second stanza it explains why there are two yous in the line. (These things are only the case in english)


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Wu's Testimony

A Testimony by Wu Shi Huan


            I, Wu Shi Huan, feeling it my obligation and privilege to make it known to my family both immediately living and progeny some of the dealings of my life do here write a short memoir of my early years.

            I would like to begin by explaining a few of the details of my life. I was born in Castro Valley on May 5th 1980. My due date was May the 30th but my mother being in the middle of the exertions of moving to California and my father being about to leave for two days to retrieve the rest of the family goods from southern Utah went into labor a little early likely in consequence of the surrounding circumstances. I was however healthy and learned quickly how to speak and walk. I spoke in sentences at only 18 months old, which was especially amusing to others because I grew so little. I recall when I was about three years old that I was looking at a few mementos of my birth. I could still wear the clothing I wore home from the hospital when I was born. I continued to be small and to live without even the need of a hair cut or to have my fingernails trimmed until I was five years old at which time I grew so quickly that it was extremely painful. I bear the scars on my skin to this day that were the result of my bones growing faster than my skin and muscles. However far more transforming to me at this time in my life was the fact that we moved to Paradise California and I became surrounded by the trees and streams of northern California. I developed a deep love for the trees and a sense for the love of a beautiful world. I would often climb over the back fence of our yard into a small woodland, this is a place where I became acquainted with beauty and learned how to communicate with other forms of life. I have since lost some of the fluency I had then but I can still sense the emotions of plants and often know what type of spirits reside in a particular place.

            From my most tender years while yet an infant I have memories that linger with me to this day. I feel it most important to begin here because it seems that the veil separating the worlds is not fully drawn until childhood and having some experiences still in my recollection from those earlier years of murky memory hope that they too will be enlightening to others. From the beginning I have been blessed with a sure knowledge of the existence, fatherhood, and immediate goodness of God. I have never had the veil drawn in such a manner that I could not behold in part what to others is invisible. An example of the way it feels to have the veil only half drawn is one of my early memories when I saw my Grandfather. He appeared to my vision while visiting our family when I was a toddler. I exclaimed Grandpa Chip! And pointed but no one else in my family could see him. Later because of this experience my mother retrieved some family photos and asked me if I could really point out Grandpa Chip because he had died before my birth but I could readily recognize him then and I still can. I have never had doubts about the existence of spirits or invisible powers because they have rarely been invisible to me. I have also been privileged to have the constant companionship of the spirit throughout my life. It seems as though even when I have sinned that the spirit has immediately returned to prompt me to repentance. Therefore I have been spared the majority of the horrible feelings of aloneness that come, as the second death, that by the fall we are cut off from the presence of God. I hope that I never shall be wholly cut off from his presence. As such there are many things that I have been privileged to learn, which I cannot write. I will attempt to write what I can.

            There are energies and connection between that world and this. The devil indeed has power even though he is not embodied. For the truth of this I appeal to the scriptures the Joseph Smith History wherein he states that the devil is an actual unseen being who has marvelous power, and to the Doctrine and Covenants in section 131:7. The spiritual world is therefore of a type of material which is both real and substantial and yet is often unseen because of the limitations of our mortal and spiritual state. It should be clear to all that the world is a place of deeper realities than most stop to consider. This having been said, the things which I relate, will to most seem impossible and yet I have indeed seen them. I will not attempt to give an account unvarnished by my perspective because it would be impossible to do so, yet I hope that when all is known at the last day that my words will be seen to be a good and accurate narrative of the actual dealings of my life.

            I have the ability to sense these energies and therefore have been led to explore the use and nature of these aspects of my life. I found that in my most early childhood that I was most interested in conversing with other spirits. I could sense when others were hurting and could feel the presence of other people and animals. I still find that I can but that the ability has diminished when I am selfish or sinful and that I cannot do it when distracted or angry. I also admit that I have felt a much greater affinity to plant life and understand their emotions with much greater clarity than animals. I also find that I can rarely feel any intelligence in insects, this may just be my limited ability but I have wondered if some of them really are dumber than dirt. I have found it especially easy to speak to the earth just as Enoch did in the book of Moses. I want everyone who reads this to understand that everything has a spirit and intelligence, we are taught in the scriptures that all things were created first spiritually. And that you can speak to them spiritually just as God usually chooses to speak to our spirits and only by extending your spiritual powers to him in faith can you really pray. These are the reasons that I Know and not just believe in God: because I speak to him and he answers.

            I have received the knowledge of the actual reality of the devil as well by at times seeing the spirits of the damned. I have seen great and marvelous good and been assaulted by the basest evils. For this reason I am grateful: I have learned by my own experience the good from the evil. The devils have a great emptiness inside them. When you see them it is much like looking at a corpse because their spirits are cut off from the fountain of light just as a corpse has been cut off from its animating spirit. This is the source of their power: that they destroy, that they quench light, that they are empty enough to want to swallow your soul and yet never be satisfied. We sometimes err, because we know that they were once our brothers and sisters, into thinking that they are like us, for they are no longer. They are not of the family of God any longer they are only the enemies of God and of all who have life. They are like drowned men who kill their rescuers by trying to reach the surface, we cannot gain anything from them because they only desire to buoy themselves and satisfy their insatiable hunger by devouring us.

            I know of the reality of the devils power for he has promised it to me if I would worship him. There are indeed secret combinations of many kinds in all lands just as we are warned repeatedly in the Book of Mormon. Their oaths are administered to men by the devil and his angels or as they are called in the book of Ether: the Ancients. Each of them have their orders which promise great gain by doing wickedness, such as devouring the goods and lives of others even gaining their powers by taking their lives or drinking their blood. You will not learn the manner of their oaths from me, nor will I write their evil tokens and signs but let me exhort you to abhor all the ordinances of the devil, which he offers to men in counterfeit of the gifts of God. The Devil gives power and truth to men but only as much as he must to seduce them to darkness and ultimate destruction. I will tell you that his ordinances and his powers are all simply counterfeit twistations of the true ordinances and oracles of God, and that they each have their counterparts. I will tell you also that his power is real enough to be a great temptation, and can truly deliver kingdoms and glory. But such things are like dreams that cannot satisfy, and end always in darkness. The orders of which I have personal knowledge come down to men even as they did to Cain who became perdition, thus those who become his sons through the unholy ordinances of the devil are the sons of Perdition. We are warned of these things in the scriptures and I exhort you not to take these warnings lightly for they are literal and they are the path that leads to hell; a hell from which the devil and those who bind themselves eternally to him shall never emerge. This is why it is said to be few who will become the sons of Perdition: Because one must know God before the Devil will fully reveal himself, just as in the case of Moses, and then you must choose to serve the Devil just as did Cain even while he knew and conversed with God.

            I was first privileged from my earliest years to know God and thus the Devil revealed himself to me when he saw that he must do so openly, for I could not be held within the veil. I was at first seduced by the opportunity to learn more about magic than I had learned through personal study. I assumed that I could learn from evil people and spirits without becoming evil. But it is truly foolishness to think that you are strong or smart enough to evade the powers of evil, evil is something dark and therefore unpredictable, unknowable, seductive and yet can destroy you even while you think that you have beaten it. Often it is at those times that we believe ourselves to have overcome evil that it is closest to swallowing us. So I thought that I could benefit myself and perhaps even give some light to those in darkness that I associated with them. However the devil is too untrustworthy to keep company with and in the end I had to run. We must flee from evil! We must fight evil and we must overcome it by contending against it constantly. If we give place that any seed of evil is planted in our hearts it will eventually choke out even the flame of the spirit. If we give the devil any opportunity by not fighting him or by listening to any word he speaks it is not only sin but it is giving him power over you. I learned a lot from these experiences but I ask you to me smarter than I and learn instead from my experiences rather than by experiencing the fear I have.

            Enough talk of darkness! Let me speak of better things, for there has happily been more of the good than of the ill and more to learn than to forget in my life. I have seen the wind, yes that is also possible if one can see the energy that travels with it. I have conversed in thought to many of those close to me. I have even shared dreams with others. I have also been blessed with revelations from God about the nature of this earth and its power. I will show you a symbol, which has been revealed to me as well as countless other prophets, and attempt to describe some of its symbols. It also has power in and of itself independent of what a person can learn from its symbolism. It is like the Adamic language is or Sanskrit claims to be, a word of power, a language that both (The symbol will not be contained in this version) communicates and yet exists as an independent power. The concentric circles have meaning and power as well as the symbols within. The Symbol top and center represents God the Father but is only a variable symbol because I do not know the full symbol. On the right of the Father stands the Son and this symbol also represents his saving power. On the left is the Holy Spirit, shown to be like God and yet in the spirit form. To the right of the savior is shown a symbol of saved mankind in form like god and in possession of enlightenment. Opposite him is a symbol representing the angels if God who are spirits. Thus their place is lower than enlightened men who have bodies and are therefore more like God and more complete. There is a wide space wherein there are no symbols representing the gulf that separates the righteous from the wicked, also therefore the spiritual death of being separated from God. This is also the separation of the earth from the heavens, for we are currently in a fallen state. This shows the principles of agency and opposition. The lower symbols represent fallen beings or states. Opposite God the Father is the symbol of the devil in his final damned and powerless state. In the end his darkness and destruction will be such that the light of his spirit will be utterly extinguished thus his place is not one of power but of emptiness and the lowest being in existence. Thus God and his omnipresence and omnipotence are contrasted with the no longer extent spirit that chose the other path. To the left of this symbol is the symbol for Perdition who has greater being than the devil and yet shares his nature and fate. It represents all men who follow the evil orders of the Ancients and secret combinations. Opposite this is the figure of the devils or children of God cast out by rejecting Christ and agency. On the farthest left is the symbol of pagan and idolatrous gods. It resembles the symbol for God and yet is backwards. It was borrowed from being the symbol of Sigel the Wiccan god of the sun and consort of Wicca. But by extension represents all who set themselves up to be worshipped. These may even be simply prideful and powerful men such as kings who demand reverence beyond their place and thus make themselves like the devil. Opposite on the right is the symbol for fallen man or men in a fallen state. By its position it also shows that without Christ to save us we are on the path that will lead to the lowest place and the symbol of saved men above it shows the honored and glorious place that we may occupy if we repent and come unto God.

            The symbols on the outside of the ring now having been explained in part, I will explain some of the symbols within. The star is an important symbol in our theology which most will recognize. It is made up of two isosceles triangles interlinked to create something more, a star. The triangle can represent the Godhead and is also a representation of the threefold nature of man being composed of a body a spirit and mental intelligence. Combined together they are the soul. (D&C 88:15) The triangle also represents the covenant structure being linked not only between individuals but also to God. The joining of the two triangles is the symbol of the Covenant of the Gospel. It is the New and Everlasting covenant. Man and woman sealed together, the Holy Sprit of Promise intertwining their destiny to create a new whole, a new family, and a new power of creation. The numerological significance of each is important and I will note that the star is also a twelve-sided polygon representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Thus this symbol encompasses each aspect of the Abrahamic covenant.

            The swirling symbol drawing toward the center is a variation of a symbol found in all cultures. Some variations of which are the swastika, the wheel of Dharma, and even the Hubble galaxy classifications. This one is similar to the one used in Japanese mysticism and I chose it because of its proportion to the star. It has meaning that is too intrinsic to existence to explain fully, it is the law of restoration or karma, it is the lotus of creation, it is the rose of eve, it shows the generations of the gods and the path of enlightenment. This is one insight: to be omniscient or to obtain perfect exaltation, cannot come as a mere addition little by little because it is an infinite state and therefore cannot be reached by finite means. Therefore the hub of the dharmic wheel must be reached even though it is a place without motion. (D&C 88) Thus Christ bridges the gap, and exaltation is not limited by time or place. It is in a sense a quantum leap. As we progress through time we are on a line, picture a simple time line, but to be exalted and to know the end from the beginning we must be removed from that line and once we are moved off the line itself we are beyond time omniscient and therefore omnipotent. Just as you can connect a point off a line directly to any point on the line. This symbol shows the natural flow of matter and energy and therefore is also a symbol of Christ who became the lawgiver by his sacrifice, the very laws of existence. This symbol was revealed to me when I was young, together with many other teachings. For the rest of the symbols I refer you to the book of Abraham.

            As a person comes to communicate with the earth and with the elements a certain amount of mastery is possible where, if one has mastery over them self they can communicate and with skill command those elements. This is not as difficult as it may sound to some nor as easy as it may appear to others. The ability to effectively communicate with the elements takes focus and power. This power can be attained to by anyone but only through self-control. It is something that we all do constantly though most are not aware of it. We weave the threads of our destiny in this manner and it is only through this mastery that we gain agency. We are like leaves floating down a great river and without understanding we have no agency. We merely float and yet our pride makes us think we are masters and not slaves of circumstance. Yet if we can first learn to swim we can in part affect our course. In the end it is by this mastery that we change what and who we are. This is what will change destiny. Like attracts like and, as we become masters of our own souls, the elements will bend to your presence without conscious influence. The Nephites obtained this as a people simply by living after the manner of happiness; the very waves of the sea would obey them. I wish I could effectively communicate this principle to you! The only thing that matters is what you are. The world is smaller than you are; indeed your consciousness has the ability to fill infinite space. Even the wind will move only in accordance to your being yet when we do not understand our supernal nature and destiny we deny it and by denying it risk becoming something else entirely. When we obey the commandment to be perfect even as Christ is perfect then we will be exalted and be like he is, but if we do not have the faith to believe this possible we risk embracing that ignorance which will make us loose our foothold on the path to Godhood. Thus the glory of God is intelligence.

            I know these principles to be true. By the age of 15 I could command the wind and rain, I could send my thoughts into the minds of others, I could feel without seeing, I had been desecrated by the devil and sanctified by the spirit, I knew more about the secret workings of the earth than most ever care to learn and yet now ten years later find it harder because of the many new outside forces vying for my attention. Truly God warned us appropriately when he said, Be still, and know that I am God. It is not a matter of age or even desire; it is a matter of purity. If your eye be single, your whole body will be full of light and your light can fill the immensity of space as you sit in the bosom of eternity. This is a simple matter of Law.

            I think it important to define law. Law is not the declarations of earthly or even glorious congresses, it is not the punishment or enforcement of actions by earthly or divine beings. Law is better understood in the scientific sense: they are firm principles. For example the law of gravity, It can be used or superseded but continues to act in that sphere where it operates as a firm truth. God himself is subject to law. He is not divine because He is above law; He is divine because He is subject to it. By perfect obedience he became our lawgiver. It is because he was obedient to law that he has the mastery of it, and therefore has written into the book of existence the path that will lead us to our exaltation in all things. I would like to tell you how it is that I have come to know that there is more to existence than what most have seen or heard. It is hard for me to do so since I would like to tell you in language so that you can understand and experience is far more than my words can tell. I have seen much in my days even though it has not been many years. I have experienced great joys that many miss their whole lives. I have had my mind in lofty thoughts I have lived a life that some would call a fantasy because I see things that they do not. They say I need to keep my feet on the ground but I have come to believe that "being in the clouds" is not the same as being irresponsible or not having a grip on reality it is having a better grip on reality! It is seeing things as they really are, and that this entire world really is glorious! God did not create our lives so that we could get work done or so that we could be always blind to the beauty he made! He made us that we might have joy! And Joy is found in understanding and Loving what God has done for us. It is written that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ. It shall be so but it will be our own voluntary action. No angel is going to make people kneel! We will all bow because we are so grateful for him and will realize the truth. He lives and there is a redeemer. I have been redeemed from so much pain. There is more glory in something as common as the form of a leaf than you can comprehend. That if you were even to comprehend it you could not stay in the body but must join God. We should be in a state of constant wonder at the glory and beauty around us! If you are not, you are asleep to Gods power, and are deaf to his voice. I am afraid of people who keep their feet on the ground. Which is more or less a way of glorifying empty worldly pleasures. Damn it! you should be dreaming and living! God intended for people to keep their head in the clouds! Where do you think his head is! I promise you He is not a God of worldly practicality. When people realize that all they have been doing every day of their pathetic lives does not matter and does not bring happiness they will have a hard time adjusting to the world of spirits, it will not matter much if they have the church and a testimony of it. Having a testimony does not mean that a person has a good understanding of the gospel. I actually fear more for those who think they have found the light and have only become blind far more than for those who are in darkness and know it. Few actually live in the comprehension of beauty. Keep holding on to that vision! If you find yourself simply getting up each morning and going about your business, then start waking up each morning instead! You will not save your soul by having a perfectly organized set of dresser drawers. None of that will matter when you die, but it will matter if you know you have had a truly great life. I have lived more than many who will see a hundred summers. I have loved, I have played, I have seen the world naked and as it really is with no pretences of illusory reality. I have seen spirits; I have seen the wind. I have felt the devils cold touch and looked in his eyes and seen the emptiness inside. I have been offered and felt power; I have made the wind and storm obey me. I have basked in a warm summer and felt my mind as clear as a washed slate. I have felt the biting chill of night under the stars and felt as warm as though I was surrounded by fire. I have Loved more deeply than eternity. I have heard the voice of God and been shown by him the glory of the eternal state. I have seen a trial so hard that all my life since has seemed miniscule by comparison, and all my pains trivial. I have had periods of my life where every day was full of wonder and awesome comprehension, and parts of my life where I had no passion, no joy, and walked dead in my heart, times when I was asleep to truth and my destiny. I have felt the Joy of my own redemption and the love of my father enfold me. I have felt the healing power of Christ and the power he has given us all to heal even our greatest wounds. I have felt his Love, a Love so great that he died and gave me immortality. I have been clean as a child long after I have been polluted by life and darkness. I cannot truly relate to you what I have felt and know, truly I am crippled by the fact I cannot show you my true identity I am not capable of removing all the masks. I hope you have seen through them. I cannot tell you of all my sacred experiences and must take some comfort in the fact that I have experienced a few of them with you. I have an indefinable ecstasy about what I have done in my life and an awesome wonder at the majesty I have seen. I have an infinite sorrow at the life I have lost forever and the Joys that have been taken from me, which I shall never have, no not in eternity.

            Please understand that your perceptions of reality are not REALITY. Please comprehend that no matter how much you doubt, it does not change reality. Regardless of you truth is immutable unchangeable and constant. Just as you believing the world is flat does not make it so. I tell you that the truth of perpetual existence, the presence of God, and the redeeming power of love, are eternal truth. I hope that this testimony has sunk into your heart. I beg you to consider it. Please, please find the meaning hidden in these words by opening your soul to hear the message I truly sent to you.

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Treatise on the Architect

By Damion Celestine Selore

Chapter 1

The Invocation of Kali

My architect was going on endlessly about pointless drivel, and I decided, it was time that I ask Kali, not to silence him, but finally to end him.

I called out to her, that she might destroy my architect, and she appeared above me in vision and she brought her sword to my head, as the impression of blood pooled under my head and ran down my face, she said unto me something like this:

“Why do you want me to banish your architect?”

At that moment I realized she had gone through the motions but that my architect was still here, and he said,

“Why do you consider me an enemy?”

Then once again, Kali spoke:

“Your architect is your enemy purely because he impedes your progress, you would have to embrace and change him whether I banished him now or not. So why not embrace him and change his nature now?”

I then realized that the architect is as much a part of me as my feminine aspect, that the illusion wasn’t that he was me, the illusion was simply that he was all of me, for he truly was me, but he was but a part of me, not my whole being. We work to banish our architect because he impedes progress, he wears a blindfold as it were, but when the time comes that we merge with our feminine aspect, he remains drunken on wandering blindly and wants to continue.

At that point, the usefulness of such an activity has passed and it gets in the way, so we plead to Kali and she splits us once again, where we had two divisions we now have three, and the architect goes to our universe that is set aside for our creation and continues to wander blind to his heart’s content until we return, embrace him, convince him to take off the blindfold for now, and welcome him into ourselves as a useful and productive part of ourselves.

However, this is not necessary, in fact it’s somewhat irresponsible. In our world he works foolishly trying to perfect it, make it remain forever exactly as we imagined it, protecting our childhood dreams, but such is folly, for unchanging is not perfection, but he cannot see this because he wears a blindfold as we did when he was created.

Rather than burden our world with an archon, a foolish god who fights against free agency,  we should if we are able do as Kali suggested and not banish him to it, rather we should take off his blindfold first, let him see the world for what it truly is, incorporate his sighted self into ourselves now rather than later.

We should bring forth his true potential, a wise and powerful ally, an aspect of ourselves on par with our feminine aspect, intelligent, skilled, possessing foresight and wisdom. Why wait till we are a trans-universal god to gain this ally, power, and attribute? Rather we should become that godly now if we are able to.


Chapter 2

Division and Death

          Death is separation, this is why our feminine aspect is sad when she is away from us, why then do we divide ourselves? We may be divided many times, this is evidenced by the fact that one may find more than one of their feminine aspects to merge with. This is also evidenced by the fact that Kali may divide our architect, which is our masculine aspect, from ourselves and we retain a masculine aspect. Though honestly I’m assuming that the architect is whatever gender one typically is, so if you’re a girl switch masculine for feminine and vice versa.

          Our masculine aspect is split once again if Kali banishes the architect portion of it; this proves we are able to split many times. Why then do we split, and why is sending your architect to your world part of becoming a god?

          Many Hindu gods split actually, for are not Rama and Krishna emanations of the same being? Therefore the gods split on purpose, many times. However note also that the gods that have emanations in our realm alongside themselves are the very kind of gods that may freely transcend and travel between entire planes of existence.

          When our architect is split from us, it travels to another plane of existence, our plane of existence, it is only when we are powerful enough to travel to it ourselves do we find him and all that he’s been up to. This is why Kali separates people from their architects. To teach them about splitting into another plane, it is an ability that the high level gods use freely, and often, and sending him to that place is our first taste of the ability, a schoolmaster if you will, to teach us about it.

          However, all of the trouble of the architect and the things he does there are due entirely to him being imperfect at the separation, being blind as we were, and his death from us and the sadness that ensues is not because we were divided, but because we were separated, we were not in contact. We must learn to divide ourselves at will, because when we are divided we can experience so much, and accomplish so much with just ourselves. This is why we split our feminine aspects from us in the past is so that they could learn at the same time we did, and when we came back together she could impart all her knowledge and protect us.

          Often we consider the architect a purely mental being, this is far from the case, and every time we split that other half of us has the same faculties we do. This is why one may find a feminine aspect with an astral body. This means that when one sends their architect to their universe, blind or otherwise, he has a physical body. This is why I’m assuming that when we split the other half is sent to another plane, because of the complications of multiple bodies. The gods get around this complication by sending their division to a place then going there themselves.

          If you divide but you keep the passage to that plane within yourself, his body is still just your body, meaning if you die physically, you both die physically. However, if you send him to another plane where he will keep his physical body separate from yours. Then when you die physically, you still have his physical body, which is yours for you both are one and the same.

          This is useful and helpful, but if not done correctly it is problematic. For you see, the gods keep contact with their split selves and they grow in wisdom and love, but if you do not keep contact with your other self and do not visit it, it cannot learn from your wisdom, and it will despair, having died from you or in other words has been separated from you. This is entirely why dividing yourself is often considered harmful, because most people do not realize how to visit that other plane, or do not dare to do so.

          Thus causing themselves and their divided aspects to be sad, having lost each other. This shows why the gods divide freely at will so often, because they know this secret, if you are in contact with each other you merely get more accomplished and learn from all of your aspects experiences. This is why Brahma continues to have the emanation Walda for to be divided is useful to Brahma when done correctly. For division is only death when it is coupled with separation.

          This brings us back to the topic of the architect, why does the architect wear the blindfold while the feminine aspects standby and protect him? Only fighting with him when the time has come to remove the blindfold and he refuses. This in itself is a useful experience as well. The answer is obviously quite simply that. You intentionally placed the blindfold on the masculine aspect that you kept with you, for in stumbling through the dark you learn, and in protecting the one who cannot see your feminine aspect also learns and grows stronger, and when you recombine them you are all the better for it.

          You created your architect, split from your feminine aspects all on purpose. The architect only becomes a “problem” when he refuses to take off the blindfold, thus causing you to banish him, and teaching you about division and other planes of existence in the process. It was all an intentional setup, however though the architect refuses to remove his blindfold and does battle with your feminine aspect in order for you to send him away that you might learn this lesson, it can be learned another way.

          If you embrace your architect, and remove his blindfold, you may learn how to divide with a more perfect masculine aspect, thus resulting in the architect being a wise and powerful god in your world from the beginning rather than an archon that fights agency. You either learn this lesson by shirking your responsibility to perfect him now, and then confronting him later, or you learn this lesson by perfecting him now, and then sending him to be a wise and benevolent god.

          This lesson is a dual lesson of understanding and application, for either you obtain the understanding of his true nature and that of division when you face him after the application, or you learn it first, overcome your battles and then apply it, coming into a universe with your battle already won.

          This lesson goes however quite a ways, it’s not just a method of inter-universal travel, it’s not just a method of perfecting one’s self, it is a lesson about infinite power and eternal life. For if you always have a living physical body somewhere, you can live forever, and if you may be an entire army, you have infinite power. As the monkey king defeated his enemies by making particles of his hair into aspects of himself, so too may we unlock the unimaginable power of infinite copies of ourselves, for we are gods.

          We are blessed both with the ability and the tendency to teach ourselves the secrets of immortality, all the strength of limitless armies, and eternal progression. Two heads are better than one at learning and reasoning, and you have the ability to have more heads than there are grains of sand in the sea, all who are you, all who work toward your goal, and all who will experience every wonder, every amazing experience that an infinite amount of infinite universes have to offer.

          You may divide and recombine freely; your subconscious has all the strength and knowledge necessary to ensure your safety, joy, and strength. Your infinitely multipliable aspects of your own self are limitless concourses of mentors, protectors, and lovers. It is the blind architect who sacrifices himself to teach you both this principle and how to apply it. According to your very will, for you are the architect, and your feminine self. You are your own ultimate teacher, protector, and lover. You loved yourself enough to come into this world, and sacrifice yourself so that you might learn all these things. You dug the pit, you placed your blindfold on yourself and you jumped in knowing you would be safe.

          Heil Kali, the beautiful and kind mother who grants you comfort, protection, and helps you to accomplish your plans at your own pace. 

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 Tyranny of the Seven Deadly Sins

by Damion Celestine Selore


         The seven deadly sins, a group of "vices" that christians attempt to abstain from. However, knowing that among the main goals of the catholic church was the complete submission of the free people, we should reexamine these seven prohibitions.

          Contemplation shall be accompanied of course by the magnificent pieces by Blackeri on Deviant Art. Without permission. Good thing theft isn't one of the seven deadly sins eh? Don't worry I will be seeking her permission for them. Regardless of the outcome, please be sure to give her lots of buisness.

         Wrath, the drive to slay, conquer, and punish those who have wronged you. Convincing someone that wrath is wrong ensures that they will never rise up against you for your crimes against them. Murder is wrong, however so is letting a murderer get away with it, wrath is the driving force that causes a man to avenge his family. Wrath is the very cause, means, and end of justice. Without divine wrath no foul deed is punished. Wrath is the path of the just. All those who wish to protect their loved ones, and become godly must embrace wrath for wrath is the potency of the gods.

Wrath: A Divine Virtue.

         Avarice, the desire to gain more, the ambition to obtain all that you desire, the enlightenment to see beyond what you have and desire it. If you forbid avarice none of the people will ever have the ambition to overthrow you. To seek companionship is avarice, for it is the acknowledgement and act of desiring more than you yourself can give you, the very person who knows your wants and needs most intimately in all creation. And who if you will let them, will do their utmost to give it all to you, even sharing you with another. Avarice is good, for no gain is got alone. In seeking companionship you give companionship in seeking goods you give gold. Avarice is the desire for increase. Avarice is exercised by all who improve for the desire to become better than you are is the desire for more, and thus avarice. All those who ensure an inheritance for their family are practicing avarice. Avarice is the desire to obtain the means to do anything and everything, a being with no avarice is nothing. All those who wish to become godly must embrace avarice, for the thirst for the power, knowledge, or love of the gods, is avarice, avarice is the path of the gods.

Avarice: A Divine Virtue

          Sloth, the tendency to abstain from action. The only reason this is included in the Seven Deadly Sins is because the church wanted slaves who would work themselves to the bone. Sloth is the enemy of wrath. Sloth dictates that if an action may be done for the betterment of mankind you must refrain from doing it. Sloth is also the enemy of greed. Sloth demands that if you may better your own station or abilities, you refuse to do so. Sloth is not the same as rest, resting is neccesary to enjoy your gains, and to increase in strength. Rather sloth is the refusal to improve one's self and station, and refraining from doling out justice in the appropriate time. Sloth is wrong for it ensures you are weak, powerless, and injust. Sloth is the path of stagnation.

Sloth: A Grave Transgression

         Vanity, the appreciation for your own beauty, power, and influence. Convincing someone that vanity is wrong leads to them not accepting their own self worth, someone who believes they are worth nothing does not think they are worth freeing from captivity. To truely love, one must experience love first with that person with whom they are most intimate, themselves. If one does not love one's own self they cannot love another whole heartedly for they believe themselves to be unworthy of love. If then they are unworthy of love then isn't it a deception to let another come together with them in love? The truth is that love of yourself is neccesary for love, and the desire to improve. All beings who are beautiful and powerful should have vanity for if they cannot appreciate their own accomplishments who should? Vanity is the path of the honest. No ammount of improvement will ever be acknowledged without vanity. Vanity is the comfort of the gods.

Vanity: A Divine Virtue

         Lust, intense sexual desire. Lust is the means by which one's species is continued. If you forbid lust you ensure that a populace will remain weak, not having enough soldiers and passion to ever stand a chance in a war. Lust is exercised by those in the righteous bonds of marriage. Lust is essential to express the extent of your love to another. The gods practice lust in the gardens of paradise, for it is in sexual union that one tastes the love of the gods. The gods have always lusted after those with beauty, thus ensuring the continuity of the sons of god, and the uplifting of a people. Lust ties together communities in love. It is by expressing lust that families are formed and love is made. Lust is the path of the loved and the lovely. Lust is the joy of the gods.

Lust: A Divine Virtue

         Envy, being upset that another has what you do or do not. The only reason the church included Envy is so that the people would not be angry about all that was taken from them. Envy is the enemy of greed, for envy is seeking to diminish what others have rather than to improve what you have. Envy is the force that drives those who work evil to attack those who are accomplished merely because they are accomplished. Envy is the force that causes workers of iniquity to forbid their "loved" one to even see others or for others to see them. Envy is the force that works against all gain in the world, it is the path of the damned.

Envy: A Grave Transgression

        Gluttony, consuming more than is neccesary for survival. If you forbid gluttony you ensure a population who is weak, and joyless. Gluttony is the opposite of the ascetic, it is consuming as much as you wish rather than as little as possible. It is neccesary for becoming stronger, and more beautiful. Those who are fat like in this picture eat very little, and those who are lithe and fit like the woman in this picture should be, eat as much as they wish. Gluttony was practiced by the ancients when they had great feasts where everyone ate their fill and rejoiced together. Gluttony is practiced by those who train to strengthen themselves for only with more fuel for their body can their body be pushed past its limits. Gluttony is the path of the satisfied. Gluttony is the festival and strength of the gods.

Gluttony: A Divine Virtue

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 Dream of the Succubus

As experienced by Damion Celestine Selore

         While I slept I had a dream. In the dream I percieved a young boy and a young woman who were naked, and they were standing outside a room that had a large window, wherein his father and mother who were beautiful were having sex, and I percieved that they were teaching the boy about sex and love.
          The young woman then began to suck on a metal phallus and pleasure herself with another metal phallus, she then bound her hands behind her back with bonds of a similar metal to that of the phalluses. She continued to suck on and be pleasured by the phalluses and the boy was obviously aroused. He began to masturbate, and the young woman looked pleased and became more vigorous in her actions. The young man then ejaculated and I was partially awoken. I percieved then that a heavenly being was having sex with me astrally in my sleep, and then it cleaned up my astral semen and kissed me.
          Back within the dream the boy was looking out a large window at a city from within a skyscraper. His father walked up, and they talked about how his father was part of a secret order that shared esoteric knowledge and produced symbolic movies.
 Then they moved out of the city, to an enormous ruined tower in the middle of the ocean. Within the tower lived unicorns. They told the boy that they have only ever ventured so deep within the tower for in the darker depths where no unicorn had ever tread it was so dark and so deep that it was incalculable, but that the unicorns were certain that within the tower slept a great and enormous being of infathomable power. Then one brave unicorn decided that it would venture to the furthest reaches of the abyss within the tower and find the being, and as he galloped off the boy went to a room in the side of the tower to think, while looking out a window.
          Suddenly an enormous blue bird with his own face and a golden coronet with a ruby inset in the center, and two clear gems on either side of it, appeared at the window. It took hold of him and brought him out of the tower, it flew miles and miles over the ocean until it came to a place where great coral reefs stretched out of the ocean hundreds of feet like cliffs. In a small inlet bay in the coral reefs it began to descend and smaller birds like unto it were flying around the boy. Some may have been dark green along with the blue ones. All with his own face and the same coronets.
          The bird then dropped him into the ocean, and he was scared at first thinking that he would drown, but then he was able to breathe under the water as comfortably as he had above, and many large golden and red fish came up to him that had his own face and the coronets but with a blue gem instead of a ruby.
 And he began to embrace and understand the fish and the birds, the birds and the fish began to mingle together freely.


          I'm now going to go through each part of the dream and give a bit of interpretation. The boy and the young woman I believe were one being, and his father was teaching him about the love of the gods, but also wanted him to experience it first within himself. The young woman then began to pleasure herself in such a way that would bring him pleasure also, and then she bound herself to show that she was in willing subservience to him. He picked up on the beauty and sexual charge that she was generating and the love she was displaying toward him, and began to reciprocate.
          When I was partially awakened I percieved a heavenly being, that had been having sex with me as I slept, the heavenly being was beautiful and caring, I had the impression that the heavenly being had become one with me, and also stood in a role of caring for me like that of a parent.
          Then the boy was above the mundane world, looking down on it, and his father explained that him and his fellows had made narratives to help their children overcome the world and the rulers within it.
          I percieved that the love of the gods sparked within ourselves and with our heavenly parents drive us to seek after these truths hidden within narratives and media because of our love of truth and our desire to learn and become powerful like them and ourselves. Then because of this these truths we are brought to better understand ourselves. Which brings me to the next part of the dream.
         The ruined tower, the sky is the concious mind, and the ocean our subconcious. The tower is the intelligence rising out of the subconcious to the concious mind, it is an incomplete tower because the communication between the concious and subconcious minds had not yet been perfected, it was still there, it was still solid, and it still reached into the heavens though.
          Unicorns are a symbol of the seed of the gods. The unicorns within the tower symbolize that the fact that you are a son of god, and the unicorns sought to go to the depths of the tower and awaken the great being dwelling within the deepest depths of the tower. To awaken the great and powerful god within ourselves so that it can repair the tower and perfect ourselves so that we can become omnipotent and omniscient gods, having the means to aquire all strength and knowledge. For that part of ourselves is merely slumbering deep within our subconcious. It also implied that all beings have that within themselves but they never find it, because it is the unicorns, the fact that you are a seed of the gods, that seeks it. All might have the divine fire within them, but not all neccesarily have the divine spark to seek it out.
          When he was looking out of the window, he saw a great blue bird with his own face and a coronet with a ruby inset. This bird was the male emanation of himself from the concious mind. And it brought him to the place where the fruit of the subconcious mind reached out of the subconcious and changed the concious world, symbolized by coral reefs the cliffs of beneath the sea stretching into the sky.
           He then brought the boy to more of his emanations, the male, the birds, and then finally dropped him into his unconcious where he became comfortable and without fear percieving that there was nothing to fear, for he could breathe as easily as above the water. And there he met his female emanations and he grew to understand, love, and recognize his own emanations which were parts of himself. I believe the coronets where to show that they were majestic, and royal, and the center jewel symbolized the gender of the emanation.
 When they mingled it symbolized the royal marriage.

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