The Book of Merlin
Translated By Reffar Hamul Swan

1. I did grow up upon the Isle green in the northern seas and my given birth name was Mardel son of Amardian.
2. I was raised upon the words of the ancient sea Kings, an empire long forgotten in the seas and a nation long embraced by the ice.
3. My father told me of the days of yore when one of the Sons of Gefion came unto this land, and at that time our people did fish these shores.
4. At that time there were five cities of the Tuatha Dé Danann which continually fought the advancing ice, and forged spells to keep the frost at bay.
5. Yea they did make great mirrors to shine the sun upon it, hoping that the light of the Gods would keep the spirits of the abyss away.
6. Our people were hear when the sons of Urphanax came upon these shores after a great flood.  Yea our people were here then.
7. Our people came from a time far ante to all these times, our people were the Antanis elvanis.
8. Now I Mardel was the last born of this people, for the ice had driven many away and others did merge themselves with other families.
9. I was a tall lad, my skin was snow white and my eyes blue as the skies at noon day, my hair was also white.
10. Now one night I did get up out of my body and the whole cottage was filled with another worldly light.
11. I did follow this light out of my house, and I did see it shining in the mountain above our village.
12. I did follow it into a crack in the rocks and through many icy tunnels until I came out into a great hall.
13. I did see in this place the bodies of great Kings perfectly frozen in the walls of ice.  They did have golden crowns upon their heads, glistening armor and mighty swords in their hands.
14. I did look through the glass like ice and did hear them singing to me.
15. They did say, lost is our empire!  Thou alone art our firstborn Son!  The glory of our cities is ground to dust!  We have led thee here to read.
16. I did look at an altar in the center of the floor with all manner of runes carved around its edge.  My mind was quickened to understand the old tongue.
17. It did say, our mystery is freedom, our success is love, our undying understanding is the ship of many generations; let the stars be our witness, let every drop of water conceal our understanding.  Immortality is free to those who have an immortal ember burning within them.  Over the waves do we the sea Kings rest ever watching you.  Under the waves is hidden those whose deeds are not worth remembering.

1. After I was done reading this I did turn back unto the frozen Kings and did hear them whisper, now that ye know our only law the way is opened unto you.
2. I did look beyond the altar to see another crack in the ice where I could proceed down another passage which was filled with that strange light.
3. I did go down this passage of ice hearing many strange whispers until I did come out into what seemed unto me to be a garden filled with all manner of life and illuminated by a strange light.
4. Now I did see standing before me a man with a lantern in his right hand.  He had blue skin, pointed ears and antlers upon his head.  And whether he was physically there or a spirit I may never know.
5. He turned around and began to walk wherefore I did follow him through this strange forest unto a palace made of crystal glass.
6. I did follow him into a room with a pedestal in the center that came up to the level of my eyes, and upon it was a dark stone.
7. For the first time my host spoke and said in my own tongue, those with eyes to see may see through all five elements; whether it is through fire, earth, water, air or life.  Wherefore look.
8. Now I did go up to the pedestal and did look deeply into the stone.  At first I saw purple energy appearing in the darkness in patterns.
9. And then other colors, deeper and richer than any colors man can see with his mortal eyes.  Like energy it flowed and my attention was sucked into it as into a great flowing river.
10. Suddenly I saw it the five cities of magic and power each crowned by a grand tower of five levels.  They shone in the perpetual sunlight of the northern summer sun like white beacons.
11. I did see their grand walls made of white granite the height of thirteen men.  On the top stood men in shining armor holding standards bearing the symbol of the five cities.
12. I did hear a voice say unto me, this is etched into the memory of thy generations and all those of thy race, even until the end of time.
13. These are the cities of the Tuatha De Danaan before they went into the bowels of the earth.
14. Now I was taken deeper through the energy until I found myself in a library containing the mysteries of the Tuatha De Danaan.
15. Yea I did see in one of their crystal stones that every particle is alive and I did see that intention alone carried in the energy is the universal language of all life.
16. I did also see that this mystery can most easily be observed in water the most beloved substance of the Tuatha De Danaan.
17. However I did also see that this life energy was in all of the elements, and that Seers could see through the energy of all elements as my host had told me.
18. I did also observe that each of the five cities represented one of these elements and that all the spirits of the elements had to be evoked to affect anything.

1. After I did see all these things I did see a great war fought upon a distant Isle as it were covered in green grass sprinkled in blood.
2. Wherefore I did see that the Tuatha De Danaan were exiled from those lands.  Some went into the caverns of the earth and others did sail northwards, their beloved cities having been covered in ice.
3. And behold there were green grave mounds in that land and standing stones as their memorial, and the slain Tuatha De Danaan do still sometimes go there as shining beings to converse with the children of men.
4. Now the vision was ended and I did cease from looking in the stone.  I did turn around to see that I was alone in the palace.
5. I did immediately hear beautiful music coming from somewhere outside of this hidden underground domain.
6. I did follow it back through the strange forest and through this icy hall.  I did follow it back out of the icy Temple and out onto the rolling grass above my village as the light of morning was brightening.
7. Now I did behold that the way closed behind me so that the passage could no longer be seen.
8. The music persisted in the direction of my village wherefore I did make my way over the frost, until I did come even unto our own cottage.
9. And now I did enter and found a beautiful and fair fairy of light playing upon a harp over my bed and singing, while my father still slept.
10. When she did end her song I did ask her who she was and she did say as with tears of joy that she was me, and in order to finish my mission in life I would need her aspect of myself.
11. Now she stood and walked to me and did say unto me, I will always be with you that ye may be a powerful Wiseman unto all generations.
12. Whereupon she did kiss me and as we did kiss she did walk into me and her song came flowing into me as an enchanted power long forgotten.
13. Now I did immediately fall into my body as being overcome with a great feeling of emotion; wherefore when I did awake I was overcome with exhaustion.
14. My father did wake me to go out on the boat to fish, and I did obediently arise and get ready but he did realize that I was not feeling well and did leave me at home.
15. I did wait for a long time for him to return and it was not until the sun was descending that one of the other villagers returned and reported unto me that my father’s boat had been attacked by a sea creature and that they brought him back.
16. I did hurry to his side but did see that he had lost a lot of blood where his side was bandaged, and that his life was spilled all over the bottom of their boat.
17. I did try to tell him that he would make it, but he did hold my face and did say unto me, it is over my son, I bid thee farewell until we shall meet shining in the halls of our Fathers.
18. I did cry over him for a long time after he did breathe his last breath and that night we did build a great pile of wood out upon the peak of the cliff and lit it, and did let his smoke ascend up before the Gods.

1. Now I was left without a livelihood or boat to make one with, wherefore I did work for my neighbors for a time.
2. One day a Viking ship did appear in our bay and the whole village did go out to meet them.
3. Now having not any future in this place I did offer up my service whether it was to wield an ax in battle or to man their nets.
4. The Captain did say unto me, Mardel, if you are to join us you must make a Covenant with Wotan that ye shall be a Priest unto him forever, for all those who come with us hold this power; 5. Now I did have nothing against Wotan he being one of the Gods wherefore I made it.
6. The Captain of the ship was Taligan who claimed to be the son of Gamion son of Lunicor son of Gefion; he did have pale skin and told me that he was seven hundred years of age and that he was young for his race.
7. And now we did sail west and did go unto the Kingdom of Vinari where there was a Viking King descended from Odin named Erinor who was protecting his land from dark southern natives.
8. Now when the King heard that I was the last of a race from the old lands of green, he did send for me rather than send me to battle and it was in his court that I did meet a tall handsome man with bright blue eyes named Moroni.
9. Moroni related unto me the story of the destruction of his people by the natives, and also his calling as a Prophet.
10. Now after the space of two years we did sail east again and Moroni did come with us.
11. And we did talk about the mysteries of the Gods insomuch that Moroni did wash my feet and did anoint my head with oil and did seal me up unto the Holy Order of the Gods.
12.  Now we did come unto the Isle of King Elorian descendant of Gyelven, who was a member of the Elvin race, cousins of the Atanis Elvanis, and whose descendants still had the ears of their ancestors.
13. We did stop there for a time and he was happy to receive us.  Now I did study in his libraries wherefore I did learn a great deal about the history of the northern seas.
14. I did read about the Elvan race and the ever-living lands beyond the ice, and also about those portions of the earth that had been taken up into the heavens and about other parts that had sunk into the sea.
15. I also learned concerning the Tuatha De Danaan who descended from the giant races, and concerning Odin and his children who came out of Troya.
16. Now the King admitted Moroni and I into his Holy Order learning of our calling into the same Order, and of our understanding of the ways of the Gods.

1. One day Taligan did say unto me, Mardel I am going to depart unto the Isles of Britain to fight the Saxons with the Young King Vortigern, wherefore come with me if you wish or stay if ye desire.
2. I did say, what has possessed the Saxons to come out of their lands?  And Taligan did say unto me, they are possessed with a new religion called Christianity which teaches against the core principles of freemen.
3. Now I did say, it grieves me to fight against our cousins, for the day shall come when those who are not the Sons of our Gods shall no doubt come in upon us and we must be strong.
4. Taligan did say, Behold Christianity itself will undo our strength and turn us against our own Gods, it is the evil that must be stopped if goodness is to prevail in this world.
5. Now I did consent to come and we did depart unto the Isles of Britain.  When we saw land we sailed down the coast and finally came unto the port of Cear Odorian.
6. We then traveled across the country unto the court of Vortigern and from there we offered our service and went unto the east battle front.
7. And behold I did see that Taligan was a fierce warrior, for he did even drink the blood of his enemies while they still lived.
8. And behold I did say unto Taligan why do ye do this thing?  And he did say; I would not be still alive if I did not gain the strength of my foe, for the death by bed comes of frailness and fatigue of life.
9. Now Taligan always protected me in the field of battle for he did have respect unto my race and he desired to keep me alive until I could have a Son.
10. It happened after a time that I was wearied with battle and the sorrow of the dead, of nobly spilt blood on both sides.
11. Now I did go to meditate in the woods, and I did pray unto Wotan that he would spare his family of such sorrow.
12. As I did pray a Saxon archer did see me praying in the wood, wherefore my heart was physically pierced as my spiritual one was.
13. Taligan did jump upon him and I did call unto him to spare his life, but he did not.  I did begin to slip from this world as Taligan did carry me as fast as he could through the woods with the speed of a horse in full gallop.
14. He did take me unto a monastery nearby at Dyfed which was secretly a Monastery unto the God Lug.
15. And now there was a Priestess at that place named Gylfi, and Taligan did say unto her; behold I know that ye know the mystery about how to save a man by making him grow younger again.
16. He did say unto her that I was the last of my race and that I must be saved, wherefore she did comfort me and did take from me my seed.
17. When the strength of my seed left me I did breath my last breath and did give up the ghost, insomuch that I did sour out of my body and did see hosts of the spirits of the dead there to meet me.

1. Now I did meet my father Amardian there, and also many of my close ancestors and relatives.
2. Amardian did say unto me, Mardel my son, ye must go soon but I shall reveal unto thee many of the mysteries of the world of spirits.
3. My mortal father than lead me unto a pedestal and upon it rested a small cloud that shone with light.  He put his hand under it and raised it unto eye level and told me to look through it.
4. I did look into it and did see many levels or lines dividing many levels of light going up from the earth and between the heavenly bodies.  He did say unto me, the spirits are divided by light, and as you go from one level or degree unto another ye get closer unto the source of the light.
5. I did behold also many worlds in the heavens through this cloud, and I did look unto the Sun and unto the seat of the Gods.
6. As I did look I did see a great God descending with antlers upon his head, and he did come down and he did traverse the degrees and hid his light until he was like unto a man, and he did come past us in the near distance over the hills.
7. Amardian did say unto me, go Mardel, your time with us is ended you must go unto Lug and learn the mystery of many lives.
8. I did go closer and closer through the woods filled with life and many strange creatures until I came unto a stone circle under the stars where Lug was playing a harp unto the words of the Priestess.
9. Her words did come unto me as flowing water; swim Mardel  according to the mystery of Mabon, swim up the river of lives, swim as a great salmon back into my womb.
10. As we stand in this sacred place in the pale moon light, swim unto me, swim into my womb of life which opens itself unto you.  As we invoke the Gods and invite them to make love unto us come unto me.
11. I came closer and all things began to blur a little and I felt as I was carried on by a strong wind and the more I desired her beauty the stronger it flowed.
12. Gylfi now took from her, her garments and she did lay upon the alter and began to make love with Lug, yea his energy did come into her, and Taligan stood a little way off, but he could not see the God embracing her.
13. Lug made love unto her and I was drawn closer and closer until I did occupy the same space as Lug as if I was making love unto her and I was transformed as it were into a fish swimming in the energy through him and up into the womb of Gylfi.
14. I was enwrapped in pure divine love and I did feel at peace as if the peace of enlightenment experienced by a thousand sages did root itself in my heart and begin to grow as a great oak.
15. Now I did dream as it were for many life ages, and I cannot remember all that happened unto me, but I remember the warm embrace of pure love.
16. And now I would not even remember the details of this story this clearly if it had not been revealed unto me in the manner that I am about to reveal unto you.

1. Gylfi did adopt me unto a woman who lived in the woods of Glamorganus who was barren named Mafni and she did give me the name of Ambrosious.
2. I grew up in the woods with her, and we did live off honey, mushrooms and eggs; and she did tell me never to leave the wood for fear that I might run away with some maiden or be caught in some battle.
3. One day I found a cave and ventured inside to find an ancient temple with an altar and ancient weaves made of deer carved upon the walls.
4. I did kneel at the altar and did pray unto the Gods that I would know my purpose in life, whereupon a beautiful maiden did appear before me dressed in white.
5. She had long white hair and burning blue eyes and she said unto me, Ambrosious or so you are called at this time you are no ordinary child.
6. She then bid unto me to bring unto her Temple a certain root and mushroom and that she would reveal my purpose unto me.
7. I was obedient unto her and found the ingredients in the woods; I then hurried back unto the Temple where her soft voice instructed me to partake of them.
8. I did so and was taken in a great sleep.  I opened my eyes after a time and saw her standing in front of me again and she did say, come with me and I shall take you unto a nether place and show thee who you truly are.
9. Suddenly there was a passage which appeared in the wall with a strange light emanating from it, she went in and I followed her.
10. She took me for a long way down many passages lighted with strange blue lights and out into a beautiful forest with a lake and instructed me to look into the water.
11. I did look into the water and did see myself in a distant land and in a different life; I looked for a long time soaking up every detail.
12. The Lady did say unto me, this is you before you died and swam back into the womb.
13. I did ask her who she was, and she did say; I am thy Heavenly Mother and the mother of thy race.  Which race is the Atanis Elvanis.
14. After I did see and hear all these things she did take me under the water and I did see a Temple filled with resurrected beings of light.
15. She took me before the underwater altar and there sealed me up unto Eternal lives and gave me a Seal and a power within my mind which I alone know.
16. She then took me up through the water and back through the passage filled with the lights and into the cave Temple and she did give me a stick which was lying upon the altar there and kissed me for a long time.
17. I did open my eyes and I was laying there before the altar with the stick in my hand and I did put it in my pocket and returned home.

1. Another day I was gathering mushrooms and herbs in the forest when I came upon a ring in the grass in a clearing and where the grass had been bent down mushrooms were growing in their place.
2. Now Mafni had told me that such rings were sacred, wherefore I did not pluck the mushrooms in this place but began to dance in the center of the ring.
3. I did also have the stick with me that the Lady did give me, wherefore I did hold it up in the air and did say, In the name of the Atanis Elvanis I do evoke thee, spirits of the earth, and in the waters and flying in the air and dancing in fire, and also in all the life around me.
4. In this very moment I did hear beautiful music all around me and in the energy that I did see around things from the time that I was a child I did see beings.
5. They came in all shapes and sizes and began to dance around me to the music of the forest, and now when we had danced for a time I did see a light above me.
6. Now I did move out of the way and a great cloud vessel that was enclosed did come down and out of it came a tall man with blond hair, blue eyes and pointed ears.
7. He did say unto me, Ambrosious, I am a Tuatha De Danaan Elvanis from beyond the Ice, and I am here because you raised thy wand and did call upon the elements.
8. We are the protectors of the races of the Gods.  And ye are the last of thy race a King and a Prince forever, and ye shall have a pivotal part to play in the destiny of these Isles.
9. He then did show unto me how the weather could be altered through the focusing of your energy and also how to hide by becoming one with the things around you, and many others of the arts of the Elves.
10. He did also warn me that there would be much peril ahead, for even at this time were the Kings men looking for me because his heart had turned evil, but he did also say unto me that if I would use my spiritual eyes I would be delivered.
11. Now after he did return unto his cloud ship like an egg and did leave, many fair and beautiful maidens made of energy came all around me, and they did anoint me and did sing to me and did placed a crown of flowers upon my head.
12. After this did happen I did run home for fear of what the Tuatha De Danaan Elvanis had said, and to see if my step-mother was safe.
13. She was fine and some more days passed uneventfully.  However one day I was trying to smoke out some bees from a hive when I did see soldiers in the woods.
14. They had white dragons upon their shields the sign of Vortigern and they did see me and did tell me to stop for maybe I could help them.
15. I began to run and they did chase me, asking me to stop for they were looking for a certain boy in the wood who had no father and that was a Holy Child.
16. I finally did escape and did hid for a time in a bush, but when it got dark I did return unto our cottage only to find them there waiting for me.
17. They did take hold of me and promising my step-mother that no harm would come to me but just that the King desired to see me, took me away.

1. Now the men of Vortigern did take me from the woods and placed me upon a horse and took me down the road for many miles.
2. They did take me unto a castle that was being built by Vortigern in the hills of Heremus, as a last defense against the Saxons.
3. Upon my arrival King Vortigern did have me tied unto an un-hewn stone outside of the castle, and I did see that the central tower of his castle was in ruins.
4. Vortigern was accompanied by a Christian Priest who told him all he had to do to keep his tower from being unstable and prevent the disappearance of his building materials, was to sacrifice a Holy Child and to sprinkle some of my blood upon the ground and some of my blood upon the foundation stones of his tower; and to dedicate his castle unto the God of Christendom.
5. Now I did call out unto the King and did say, Vortigern why have you turned from the ways of thy fathers?  The druids respect life, and Christianity is the religion of death.
6. Vortigern did say unto me, you are brave to speak child when I am about to have you sacrificed, what choice do I have in regards to religion when the Saxons do constantly win and push in against us?
7. I did say, it is easier to throw a basket in the fire than to weave one.  You only lose against the Saxons because you have not sacrificed enough of that which should be sacrificed not a Holy Child.
8. Now listen unto me oh King, and if I cannot solve the problem of your tower and missing materials in one day than you may sacrifice me.
9. Upon hearing this Vortigern did have me untied from the stone, but did have his guards all around me.  The Priest began to protest but the King told him to be silent.
10. Now I Ambrosious did look with my spiritual eyes and beneath the tower I did see a cave filled with water and in the water there were two sleeping dragons.
11. I also perceived that from time to time they would thrash around and shake the tower.  I did also see in the bottom of their cave were the missing stones and materials which they had stolen in the night.
12. I did point and said unto the King, there in a cave are two dragons.  They are the source of both of your problems.  Whereupon the King did order some of his men to go search out the openings and drive the serpents from their den.
13. They did so and from under the hill came first a white dragon followed by a red one.  The red one was upon the tale of the white and they did begin to have a terribly fierce battle in the field under the castle.
14. The white one thrashed the red one with its claws until everyone believed he would win, all the men of Vortigern began to cheer for it.
15. But then in the last moment the red one leaped up and latched its jaws on the white ones throat and wrenched him over upon his back, it then bit him and bit him until the white one stopped moving and its blood ran like a stream down the hill.
16. Whereupon I did say, so shall it be a sign unto you oh King, that the Saxons shall one day be united with you in peace as one people, but before that day comes one of thy sons shall kill you.
17. Wherefore Vortigern fed the Priest who had counciled him to sacrifice me unto the Red dragon, and it flew away.

1. Vortigern did turn unto me and did say, Ambrosious is the future changeable?  And I did say, yea it is.
2. Then he did say, if you shall but show me how to avoid this future seeing that you are full of power, then I shall make thee a son unto me and give unto thee this castle and all the hills of Heremus.
3. He did take off my bonds and did make a feast for me and did give unto me an Amethyst ring and did call me as his son.
4. I did then become a councilor unto Vortigern because he did see my wisdom.
5. One of his sons named Vortimier did he also throw in a dungeon fearing that he would be the one to kill him.
6. I did visit Vortimier in prison, and he did tell me that he always just wanted to please his Father, and that he wanted Britain for the sons of Brutus alone.
7. Vortigern did also seek to make peace with the Saxons as I had prophesied they would be one people.
8. Wherefore Vortigern did take a Saxon princess to wife named Rowan daughter of Horsa, and did give the Saxons the Isle of Thanet as an inheritance.
9. I did say unto Vortigern one night, keeping thy son Vortimier locked away shall do more to fulfill the prophecy than to stop it.
10. Vortigern’s wife then said, why not kill him and let our sons be heir to the throne?
11. I could tell that Vortigern’s heart was being darkened more even though he had fed the Christian Priest unto the red Dragon.
12. Fearing for Vortimier’s life I did go in the night unto the dungeon and did unlock Vortimier’s cell.
13. I did tell him to leave quietly in the night but he said, nay but I must bring honor back unto our house.
14. He did take the keys from me and did unlock many more cells and did convince the guards to lead him unto the armory.
15. Now a bloody battle ensued and I did just sit in the dungeon with the moonlight shining upon me through the window.
16. I did meditate before the Gods to know what I should do, wherefore a voice came unto me and said;
17. Ambrosious our Son, no matter what ye shall do in this world ye shall always be our Son.  This is a world of chaos and there is no way to do what is right without there being consequences.

1. Now Vortimier did put his father and his step-mother up in the tower under house arrest, and did prepare the army for battle.
2. Vortimier also had himself anointed and crowned King of Briton, and held a feast upon Ostarion.
3. Vortimier then went at the head of his men toward the Saxon front, and now when he did approach unto that part of the country he did see that the Saxons had broken the treaty made with the marriage of Vortigern and Rowan.
4. For he did see that they had not stayed upon the Isle of Thanet but had continued to press in upon the lands of Briton.
5. Now Vortimier did fall upon them with such fury that they did flee his army in great fear saying, the armies of Vortigern have come upon us for coming upon his lands, knowing not that it was Vortimier.
6. Battle after battle Vortimier did hew them down even until they did meet upon a certain plain in Kent.
7. Now Vortimier’s younger brother Categern Son of Vortigern did fight by his side; Vortimiers helm being golden and Categerns silver.
8. The armies of Vortimier and Categern did fall upon them, but the Saxons did press in upon Categern’s side with great force of numbers insomuch that the battle was turned unto that direction.
9. Categern’s horse was struck in the neck with a spear and he went down.  Categern began to fight on foot when he was shot with an arrow by one of the men of Horsa.
10. Vortimier rushed to his side and began to defend him when he was confronted by Horsa father of Rowan.
11. Horsa said unto Vortimier, Vortigern would you fight thy own father-in-law?  Supposing him to be Vortigern, as Vortimier was wearing a masked helmet and his father’s battle crown.
12. Vortimier hit his sword out of the way and said, I am not thy son-in-law, I am Vortimier!  And thus saying stabbed his sword into Horsa’s heart.
13. The Saxons retreated and Vortimier did rush unto his brother Categern’s side and saw that he was going to die.
14. Categern did say unto him, my brother thou art my King, bury me here in Kent and set a stone here as a memorial that this is Briton.
15. Now after Categern died Vortimier did persue the Saxon army with great fury even until he did drive them unto the sea.
16. When the men of Vortimier were all upon the hill above the sea and did see the Saxons gathered upon the beach his eye did not show them mercy and he did send volleys of arrows upon them.
17. Vortimier did do this until they were nearly out of arrows and his men did have compassion upon the survivors and did plead with Vortimier to let them board ships that were coming for them, which he did; and the ships took them back unto Thanet.

1. When Vortimier returned he did throw a great feast unto his victory upon the field of battle and in memory of Categern.
2. It was during this feast that a handmaid belonging unto Rowan did put poison in Vortimier’s wine.
3. When Vortimier realized what had happened but before he died, he did order his men to bury him on the beach where they defeated the Saxons and to raise a stone there as a memorial that this is the land of Briton.
4. His men quickly brought news of his death unto Vortigern in the tower.  Now Vortigern did cry out, Rowan you have brought nothing but evil unto my house; and ordered his men to take her unto the dungeon.
5. His men did protest saying, but she has conspired to kill a King of Briton, she must be killed.  But behold Vortigern did not have it in his heart to kill her.
6. Vortigern did sorrowfully take back his crown and commanded his son to be buried as a King in the tomb of their fathers.
7. The men of Vortimier did say unto Vortigern, but Vortimier did command us to bury him above the beach where we defeated the Saxons and to raise a stone there.
8. Vortigern did say, I am King now and I command thee to bury him in the tomb of our Fathers. 
9. Wherefore I Ambrosious did prophesy unto Vortigern that if he did not fulfill his son’s wishes that more evil would befall his house and that the Saxons would not fear to return, knowing there is not a King like unto Vortimier here.
10. Vortigern did say unto me, Ambrosious was it not you who released my son?  Wherefore I did say, it was me, and me also that saved Briton by releasing him.  I am a Seer and I can see the clear and obvious before the eyes of all men that they will not see.
11. Vortigern did grow angry with me and he did revoke my title, castle and lands.  Therefore I simply turned around and walked out upon him.
12. I saddled my horse and did ride away from the castle and unto the lake that the Lady of the Lake had shone unto me in the woods.
13. When I did arrive there nightfall had come and I did stand upon the shore and did raise my hands in the signs of the mysteries and did call upon her who is my Heavenly Mother.
14. She did appear unto me and we did embrace each other and she did bless me after the manner of the Gods under the stars in the woods.
15. I did cry unto her concerning all the terrible things which had befallen, and she did say unto me, my Son, I shall give unto thee my love until ye are healed of all this sorrow and made whole of mind.
16. But in the morning ye should go unto the monastery of Gilfy for she still resides in that place and she shall show unto thee a place where the mysteries of the ancients are still kept, and I shall reveal unto thee what ye should do from time to time.
17. I did say unto her that I desired to stay with her longer and she said; I shall use my magic to make this night as long as you wish it to be.
18. And after she said this there was a beautiful music in the forest and all the fairies and beings of energy and life did manifest themselves and did dance and sing into a seemingly endless night in which I was embraced in the arms of love.

1. I did go unto Gylfi and she did know me when she did see me at the gate of the chapel.  She did say, welcome home my wandering Son.
2. I did see that she did sit upon a throne behind the altar and I did see her hair was white with age and skin wrinkled with time, but her strength was not gone from her.
3. We did saddle our horses and she did take me into the western countries of Briton unto a place where there was a shallow bay of the sea filled with weeds, and in the middle an island with an ancient ring of stones upon the top thereof.
4. I did follow her upon horse back into the water, and we did wade with our horses out unto the shore of the isle.  As we did go through the water I did see many glittering swords at the bottom.  She did say unto me, this is Avalon monastery of the druids. 
5. We did dismount in front of a small building built into the side of the hill and did let our horses go graze freely upon the Island.
6. Now she did knock upon the door three times and an old druid in white robes did open the door.
7. We did enter and Gylfi embraced him and we proceeded on through a cave in the back of the house into a great library carved in stone.  There were also steps leading up into another chamber which was a Temple of Lug.
8. In it was a chest of gold fashioned by the Prophet Irebanel and the true throne from Tara, said to be throne of all these Isles.  There was also a statue of Lug and many others.
9. Now Gylfi did say unto me, my Son, ye shall stay here for a time and learn here from the Druids, so that ye can fulfill what is ahead of thee.
10. We did eat sea weed from the bay and also herbs that grew upon the hills for our sustenance.
11. And the Druids did teach me the secret language of their school called Ogham and did teach me the history of these lands for the last thirty thousand years.
12. They did also teach me many mysteries pertaining unto the natural laws of the worlds and the stars.
13. They did teach me the words that resonate with different forms of matter and they did show unto me how to lift great stones and fly through the heavens using mercury and certain energy forces abundant in the cosmos.
14. Now one day we received the news that King Vortigern did have two sons by Rowan.  The first was named Arilius Ambrosious after me, he sorrowing over my lost friendship and the other was named Uther.
15. I did think to go to him and see if he would take my council again but Lugnasais the High Priest of Avalon did say, Ambrosious I shall endow you with certain knowledge pertaining unto the degrees of heaven before ye go, and I shall give unto you two new names, one to use openly and the other to be held sacred.
16. Now he did endow me with the knowledge of which he spoke and did give unto me the new name of Myrdin.

1. I did depart from Avalon on a certain summers night, and as I waded my horse across the water I did suddenly see my Eternal Mother, Lady of the Lake walking upon the water towards me.
2. She did take me by the hand and did embrace me, and while kissing me she did take me under the water.
3. She did take me unto a place hidden by sea weeds where stood a stone alter and upon the altar there was an eternally shining sword untainted by time.
4. I did see that it was of curious and fine workmanship with two golden chimeras upon its hilt and made of the finest white steel.
5. Now mine Heavenly Mother did say unto me, Myrdin this was offered unto me a long time ago and I now consecrate it unto thee, for ye shall need it in the days to come.
6. It hath a pure spirit within it and its name is Caledfawlech.  It is from the time of the Ancients when the Gods came down unto this earth to beautify it; and it hath been wielded by many heroes of great renown.
7. She placed it in mine hand and I was immediately swept away in a vision wherein I did see many ancient heroes who had held it.  In the land of Ire, and in many places had it been wielded by Sons of Gods and Gods themselves.
8. I suddenly awoke upon the beach of the bay my horse not far distant from me walking on the beach, and in my hands this sacred sword.
9. Now I did meditate in the woods until I did open my eyes and did see the energy all around me and the forest sprites dancing in the music of all life.
10. I did hug the sword unto my bosom and did say, come unto me ye spirit of Caledfawlech that I might know thee.
11. I did look up and did see a beautiful fairy shining in flaming glory before me, and she did say unto me; I am the spirit of the sword, and if ye are to never bleed to death while wielding me ye must be close unto me within my heart and know of my love.
12. Now I did force my spirit out of my body insomuch that I was standing before her, and she did become a white stag and began to leap through the forest.
13. I did also transform into a stag and I did chase her through the woods filled with life and star light.
14. There were many walkers upon the trees and spirits gleefully playing and naked men and women with the heads of stags and goats playing on harps and flutes, amidst great feasts held by the spirits of the Elves.
15. All the spirits did look as we ran past and did also come to look at the man that might catch the spirit of Caledfawlech.
16. I did finally catch her in a certain clearing and I did climb onto her back and I did make love unto her as a stag, even until we transformed back into our fairy and human forms.
17. And we did make love all night, and she did say, Myrdin ye are now worthy to wield me being the closest thing unto me in my heart.

1. When I did awake with the sword in my arms I did notice that there was a new Ogham writing upon its blade which read:
2. May I cut shields and swords and sing the salvation of Myrdin as he wields me, for he is the star of love burning within me.
3. I did suddenly look in the energy of life and did see the sky become as a crystal unto me, and I did see the ground become as a seer stone unto me, and I did see the waters reflect the history of its flowing, I did see in a camp fire before me the flickering of all time, and the truth written in the trees all around me and did understand the long stretches of the eons.
4. After which I had a desire to sit there in the forest forever and not have to return unto the world of men.
5. After a time I came out of the woods knowing my great duties in regards to the land and peoples of the Britons.
6. I did come unto the Castle of Vortigern and did enter his court with the harp of a Druidic Bard and my wand and sword under my robes.
7. Vortigern did not recognize me at first because of my beard and hood, but did when I began to sing about the fateful night that Ambrosious released Vortimier.
8. He did say, Ambrosious you are not welcome here.  And I did say, I am not Ambrosious anymore, I have been given a new name, and if Ambrosious is not welcome here then why have you named one of your sons after him?
9. Vortigern did say, what is thy new name?  And I did say; it is Myrdin druidic bard and wielder of Caledfawlech.
10. Vortigern said; if you do actually wield Caledfawlech then beat me in a duel and thy position shall be restored.
11. We did go out into the court yard and the duel did begin, Vortigern did rush at me and I did simply cleave his sword in half and did hold Caledfawlech up to his throat.
12. Vortigern did say, ye have bewitched it and if thy lands were restored ye would not do my will.  Wherefore I did say; I do not want thy lands Vortigern they should go unto thy sons.
13. And one of thy sons if worthy shall wield Caledfawlech and shall be a greater King than thee.  For he shall be an Eternal King, once he hath ruled he shall rule again in the future from time to time to restore peace and understanding unto the children of thy race.
14. Now Vortigern did command me to leave his presence and that was the last time he saw me, for I went unto the monastery of Gylfi.
15. Now Arilius came riding through the country side from time to time and once when he was passing the monastery I did see riding next to him on a horse my very old friend Taligan.
16. Taligan did look at me and did recognize me for he stared at me with a piercing look.  He began to ride on thinking that I would not remember him, but I did say, Taligan.
17. He turned around and realizing I knew him too came and hailed me as an old friend, and he did tell me that he had become the tutor of Arilius.

1. Arilius did continue to grow and Taligan did visit me from time to time and did express Arilius’ frustration with his father.
2. Now upon one fateful night with the help of Taligan Arilius did light the castle of Vortigern on fire.
3. As told by Taligan Vortigern did leap from his burning tower and onto the tip of Arilius’ spear.
4. As Vortigern died he did give Arilius his blessing to be King, and did give him and his brother Uther the new name of Pendragon, as Arilius fulfilled the prophesy that I made regarding the Dragons.
5. And Arilius did cry upon his father’s neck only meaning to capture him, and he landing on his spear being an accident.
6. Arilius was crowned King and did send for me, wishing me to be an adviser unto him as I had been unto his father.
7. He also began to rebuild his father’s castle and did begin to launch massive attacks upon the Saxons.
8. Now he did burn many places where the Saxons had settled and were living peacefully.
9. Wherefore I did come unto Arilius and did say unto him; Arilius why do ye do this thing?  Ye know my Prophesy that ye shall be one people and thy mother is also a Saxon, wherefore how can ye murder thy own people?
10. Because ye have done this and your hands are full of blood ye may not wield Caledfawlech nor be an Eternal King of Briton.
11. Arilius did become upset with me as his father had done and I did again leave; but this time going to live in the woods as Gylfi had gone the way of mortals and I having buried her under the monastery, and the monastery being overtaken by Christians.
12. Many years did pass and Uther did come unto me and did say that he would make peace with the Saxons, but that he must overcome his brother Arilius, wherefore he did ask me for Caledfawlech.
13. I did say unto him, I do not just give her away, for she is a lover unto me, but ye must become worthy of her.
14. Now I did teach Uther many things and did say unto him, if ye get an army to elect and follow thee, I shall show thee a place where you can defeat thy father’s heir Arilius.
15. Now Uther did get a great army of both Brits and Saxons who had a desire for peace, wherefore I did go out to look for a place.
16. The land was blanketed in snow and the equinox was fast approaching, wherefore I rode across the snowy hills looking for a suitable place.

1. I did finally find a place where one side of the river was perpetually colder than the other.
2. I did dismount my horse and did pray unto the Gods and Goddesses of heaven to know if this indeed was the place.
3. I did look up and saw a great comet in the shape of a dragon, and I did hear the voice of my Father in heaven saying unto me, this is the place where Uther shall rise and Arilius shall descend.
4. Now I did draw a circle in the snow with Caledfawlech and did dedicate this battle field unto this purpose.
5. Wherefore I did see the ravens of energy come up unto the edge of the circle but not closer and I did know that Morrigan De Danaan was here to accept the souls of the dead.
6. When I did realize this I did open my eyes and did see the hosts of the spirits of the dead and did begin to cry for what was about to take place.
7. I did say, Oh do the stars turn and keep their place, and yet men are in an endless commotion, when shall the end of this be?
8. Thus saith the Gods, the end shall be when ye traverse the doors of death and are gathered unto a place of endless peace and glory.
9. Oh can I not gather the children of men as the stars around the circle of the sky?  Can I not teach them their times and their seasons and duties?
10. The nature of snow is to fall and the nature of the wind to blow, try our Son and ye shall comprehend the power of the worldly mind over these its subjects.
11. Now the men of Uther did also see the comet in their camp and Uther did see it, and did prophecy his Kingship unto them as ruler in the house of Pendragon.
12. They did come unto me and I did meet them in the way, and I did show unto Uther the place of battle and did tell him that he must let the men of Arilius come from the north and to let them cross the river before engaging them.
13. So Uther did camp in that place to the south of the river and Arilius did hear that Uther had gathered an army against him, wherefore he did ready his men to go to battle against Uther.
14. It was upon the first day of Yule that Arilius’ army did come unto the edge of the river and did stand their ground being weakened by the chill with the sun in their face.
15. Uther and his men did stand their ground being warmed by the sunlight upon their backs and did stare down their enemy.
16. Arilius did finally command his men to cross the ice and the work of death did commence with many battle cries. 
17. I did wield Caledfawlech and did meet Taligan while making my way toward Arilius.  Now we just stood there on that spot facing each other, knowing that, neither would I raise my sword against him nor would he against me.

1. Taligan did say unto me, Mardel my brother, do you remember when we sailed the seas with one another?  I did say, yes I do remember.
2. Then Taligan did say; remember when we were in that distant land with endless pine and oak trees beyond the Isle Green?  I did say, yea I remember.
3. Taligan saith; I plan to return unto that place for it is there that the star Morica sets, and it is there that this battle shall be concluded in the end.  You know of what I speak and ye know ye shall fail, and it pains my heart.
4. I did say unto him, Taligan my dearest friend, it mattereth not if I fail or not, earthly battles have nothing to do with my success.  My reward is an eternal one, and my earthly success is only the legacy I leave.  Join me and leave this world with me.
5. Taligan did say I choose to stay.  Our swords met, knowing that it would be treason to let each other go, we stood there for a long time looking into each other’s eyes.
6. We anticipated the next sword clash wishing not to harm each other but then Taligan pulled his sword away at the last moment and let me strike him.
7. I cried out and caught him in my arms and I asked him how he could have done that unto me and he did say; don’t accuse yourself it was my choice and I shall be born again.
8. Now his blood did pour out upon the snow and I did hold him until the battle was concluded.
9. It happened that I did arise from his body and did see Uther crying and supporting himself with his sword surrounded by his men.
10. I did come unto him and he did say unto me, Myrdin I have smote off my brother’s hand.
11. I did hold Uther up and did say; you have won, act like a King.  He did say, how could I do such a thing Myrdin?  Even unto him who I was exiled with and with whom I fought my Father with.
12. I did say unto Uther, we must put an end unto these battles and we must make all of Britany one nation.  Stand up for you are King and thy brother a prince in thy Kingdom shall survive.
13. Now I did give Uther courage, and we did go back unto the camp where Uther was having his brother’s arm cauterized.
14. The men of Uther and the surrendered men of Arilius did drink together, and Arilius did give his brother Uther his blessing.
15. Now I did go back out and did help the men gather up the bodies that evening and we did build pyres to burn them on as the ground was frozen and I did see that the snow was dyed red with blood.
16. I did cry for the loss of so many noble men of our race and I did raise up Taligan’s body and did wash him with beer and did anoint him with oil and did bless him to come forth in his due season, wherefore I let his smoke ascend up before the Gods.

1. We did return unto the Castle and Uther did ask me to teach him the mysteries of past Kings that he could reign in righteousness.
2. Now I did say unto him, I shall initiate you in the mysteries of the Malakim or Eternal Kings if ye shall but be sober and true, always seeking after the mysteries of the heavens.
3. I did anoint Uther to be King during the feast upon the third day of Yule and he did Covenant before the Gods that he would do their will and attempt to bring heaven upon the earth, wherefore he was initiated into the mysteries of the Priesthood.
4. The snow did melt and the spring did come, wherefore upon the first day of the year we did gather in the field where we had done battle and the grass was already lush and green with flowers already beginning to appear from the blood of many men.
5. I did promise Uther that we would finish his coronation upon this day, wherefore Uther did have his mare brought before him as was the custom of the ancient Kings of Briton.
6. Uther did wear a crown made of flowers and did disrobe and stand upon a certain stone and did have intercourse with his mare before all the people as a sign of his power and fertility.
7. I then did anoint the head of his phallus and did place the crown of gold upon his head, and the merry making did commence and the semen of many men did replenish the field, showing to all the people that life and regeneration would replace death.
8. When we did return unto the Castle I did show unto Uther and his knights the signs of the Priesthood and also all the mysteries pertaining unto their orders.
9. Now I did teach Uther concerning the mysteries of the Holy Order of the Gods and also concerning the General Assembly of the Firstborn sons and daughters of the Gods.
10. Many of Uther’s men and knights did share their companions with him and he with them, and they did have a harem of maids awaiting, insomuch that they did have joy and rejoicing in the proper state of mankind.
11. The Lord of Cornwall whose name was Gerloise did visit the court of Uther one day, he was a Christian and his daughter was named Anelain daughter of Igrayn of the house of Merovee.
12. Uther did invite him and his wife unto a feast upon Mabon and he did accept the invitation.
13. Upon Mabon Uther did see Igrayn and he did see that she had striking blue eyes and dark hair as a raven.
14. Uther did invite Gerloise and Igrayn to stay with him longer and they did accept, for Uther did deeply desire Igrayn and he did tell Gerloise about the Holy Order and did offer him all the women of his house if he could be married unto Igrayn.
15. Now Igrayn did say unto him it would be fine with her, but he did say no and did utterly reject Uther’s offer, wherefore Gerloise took Igrayn and did return unto Cornwall.
16. Uther did come unto me and did say, Myrdin, Igrayn did accept the order but Gerloise did not; what should I do?  I did say unto him, ye should let them be.
17. Uther said, we should let them be, but what if Igrayn desires to be in the order and Gerloise does not let her all the days of her life?  I did say; it is better that they be happy together, if she leaves him let it be her action.

1. Upon a certain Yule feast Gerloise and Igrayn did come unto Uther’s castle and I did remind Uther to not look unto her lest he cause their alienation, for he had many women to love and care for him.
2. Now during this feast as everyone slept in the night Igrayn did sneak unto where Uther was for she did desire the love that Uther had told them about.
3. When Uther saw her in the moonlight he disregarded my advice for he was consumed with desire because of her beauty.
4. They did make love secretly and when Igrayn returned unto Gerloise’s side he asked her where she had been, now when she could not tell him he did become exceedingly angry and did take her that night unto Tingal one of his castles which was an impenetrable fortress.
5. When they did arrive at Tingal, Gerloise did lock her in the highest tower for her disloyalty, and did vow to keep her there so that she would only be faithful unto him.
6. As the days and weeks past Gerloise did make love unto her there and it was found that she was pregnant, although I knew that in Igrayn’s womb was the son of Uther and descendant of the Son of the Gods that the Christians professed to believe in.
7. Uther did come unto me and he did sorrow that she was kept in the tower as a prisoner and desired to go free her, for she only saw the outside world from her window.
8. I did say unto Uther, Uther these are the consequences of your actions if you would have lovingly denied her love and sent her back unto bed none of this would have happened.
9. Because of it they are alienated from one another which is a great tragedy and also from it you shall become enemies with Gerloise instead of allies.
10. Now according to the account of Igrayn herself, upon a certain night she did pray that she could be initiated into the mysteries of the Holy Order regardless of the jealousy of her husband.
11. And from the heavens came down a ship filled with lights, and out of this ship came a tall and beautiful hermaphrodite with gloriously bright white hair.
12. This God did anoint her and did make love unto her and when they were done making love he did turn into energy and through him she could see all the Kingdoms of Heaven even beyond the Sun of Suns which is the brightest star Gylfang.
13. He told her she would have a daughter from him as well as a son from Uther and did vanish from her sight and her room was left filled with a glowing light and music beyond understanding and which filled her heart with the energy of the spheres.
14. Upon a certain night after this event Uther’s men did meet Gerloise in battle, for Uther wished to free Igrayn and Gerloise sought to fight Uther and to take the throne, and force the Brits to be Christian.
15. Now Uther did leave the battle field and did consult with me privately asking me how he should get into Tingal to free Igrayn.
16. I did give Uther a drought of the mushrooms and roots explaining to him that this would enable him to leave his body and see how to enter the fortress.
17. Wherefore he did see that the walls were sufficiently high that it was hard to see individual features, wherefore his men did take the clothes and standards of Gerloise and did gain access into the gate of the Castle, wherein he did order Igrayn to be freed.

1. Uther and Igrayn did hand-fast together and Igrayn did bear twins, the elder was a girl that she named Morgana and the younger a boy she did call Boraurthian.
2. Now Igrayn did bleed much and Uthers physicians did do everything they could for her, but after an hour with her children she did pass away.
3. Uther did come unto me crying and saying, Myrdin could you have done nothing with thy magic?
4. I did say unto him, nay.  Magic does not have a perfect power over this world, and especially not to stop death which is eminent. 
5. Only knowledge of the laws upon which that physical death is predicated can you physically stop it.  If magic had the power to fix everything, this world would be fixed.
6. Magic has power over the energy realms which can pour over into physical effects but only physical power can affect the physical world.
7. Uther then said, what good is it then?  I did say, it is much more important than you think; without it you would not be King.  Not only are the effects on our world enormous, but also that world is real and through it we may gain eternal life.
8. As the days went on Uther hardly ate or drank anything, he wasted away in sorrow and pain, and although his harem did try to comfort him he could not be comforted.
9. Uther did also fall ill, and although he had united the Saxons and Brits in the land more Saxons did come in upon the lands of Briton again and more battles were eminent.
10. Now Uther had a minor king named Kentagalin, and I did say unto him, ye must lead the armies of Briton unto victory for Uther is not well.
11. He did say, the men’s moral will not be good enough without their leader.  Wherefore I did say unto him, you must come up with a solution or Briton will fall.
12. Now Kentagalin did announce to all the Lords that they were going to war, and he did take the King out unto his horse and tied him upon it.
13. They did ride out with Kentagalin at Uther’s side, and although he was slumped in sorrow, Kentagalin did assist him in interpreting his commands.
14. They did meet the Saxons and although the Saxons did call him the half dead King, the men of Uther did cut them down like barley before the sickle.
15. Now when Uther did see Hengst brother of Horsa he did take courage and began to command his men, and they did give up a great shout and fought more fiercely than ever.
16. Uther being filled with energy and rage did take his spear and did run Hengst through, insomuch that he fell dead to the ground.
17. At this the Saxons lost all their courage and did flee before Uther, and in their pursuit Uther became very thirsty did drink first out of a certain spring.
18. Now Kentagalin did return with his head hung low, and I did learn that this spring that Uther had drunk from had been poisoned and he did die in that place and had given Caledfawlech unto Kentagalin which I had loaned unto him after his New Year coronation; and Kentagalin put it back into my hands.

1. All the kings and lords could not decide who would be the steward in Urther’s place until his heir could take the throne, and they began to argue among themselves. 
2. At this time during the night I did take Morgana and Boraurthian knowing that they might be in danger if someone else wanted to take the throne in Uther’s absence.
3. Now I did find a woman who had lost her child and who was the wife of a trustworthy lord named Hektor who did not want the throne and lived in the woods of Sauvegg to whom I entrusted Boraurthian.
4. I then took Morgana unto my own cottage in the woods having a she goat that could give her milk, and knowing that it would be suspicious if they were together.
5. After a time I did go unto a certain dwarf that I knew in the woods who was a master black smith and told him a needed the best sword he could make and I needed an inscription upon it.
6. He did make me the sword and the inscription did say; whoever pulls this sword from the stone which I have sealed up by the power of the Gods is the birthright King of all Briton.
7. After doing this I did leave Morgana at Avalon and returned unto the castle of Uther and called a meeting of all the kings and lords.
8. When they had gathered I did show them the sword and told them to remember it, and to write down what it said upon it.  I then told them that I would place it in a magical stone and seal it up insomuch that he who pulled it out would be High King.
9. I did depart with the sword and I did make a stone box and did put the sword within it and did put it in the ground upon the Church yard in New Troya.
10. I also placed in the box a book written on stone tablets in Ogham which did detail what I have already written in this account so far concerning the Kings of Briton, from Vortigern unto the death of Uther and the lessons of the same.
11. For the lesson of Vortigern was to keep the heritage and honor of your ancestors.  The lesson of Vortimier was the value of valiance.  The lesson of Arilius Ambrosious was that you must keep thy people’s interests your highest priority.
12. The lessons of Uther was that you should not alienate those who are joined together; but also the lesson of Gerloise was that jealousy is a deadly vice and that you must let those you love be free.
13. I hid it in this place because all the lords and kings knew me to be a Pagan, and I knew they would look in all the Pagan’s Holy places but they would not look upon Christian grounds.
14. I then poured oil upon the stone and did place my hands upon it and sealed it up according to the sealing power which is within me, and did consecrate it to come forth by Boraurthian’s hands.
15. Now I did return unto Avalon and did study there for a time raising Morgana and enjoying life.
16. It was also during this time that a Celtic druid named Patrick did visit Avalon from Ireland.  He did tell me concerning him being a slave and praying unto the Gods and being visited by Esus, the Holy Child that the Christians profess to admire.
17. He did also give unto me a Book of Esus and did show unto me that he had been upon these Isles in Glastonbury and did also show me his Pagan teachings there, wherefore I knew that the Christians had lied about him to gain power.

1. After the space of ten years I did leave Morgana at Avalon and returned unto the castle of Hektor where I did find that Hektor had converted unto Christianity.
2. Hektor did say unto me that he didn’t want my sorcery here, and I did say unto him; without me ye would not have Boraurthian and if I am not welcome I shall take him back.
3. I did also see that his castle had become dreary and none of the merriments of the ancient days could be seen in his court.
4. But since I had given them Boraurthian Hektor did let me stay and tutor Boraurthian for a time.
5. I did teach Boraurthian how to read Ogham and about the knowledge of spirits, and of the times and seasons and upon many subjects.
6. One day we were walking in the woods outside of the castle and I did see a green stone with a hole in it, in a circular clearing in the woods.
7. I did give it unto Boraurthian and did explain that it was a looking stone like unto those used by ancient Seers.
8. I did also tell him to keep it with him always because he would need to be able to see spiritually in the future to fulfill his destiny, of which he was still ignorant.
9. Before I left him I did take him out into the forest and did give unto him that certain mushroom and root so that he could see the world of spirits for himself.
10. Now we did come out of our bodies and we did run through the forest becoming deer, and many other animals.
11. We did finally come out into a clearing where there stood a great old wise lady which I had met on spiritual journeys before.
12. She knew that I was initiating Boraurthian into the mysteries wherefore she did become a great hawk and did pursue us, and each time we would transform into something faster she would transform into something more dangerous.
13. Now Boraurthian did finally realize that he should transform into something more terrible instead of fleeing, and he did turn into a great red dragon, and did turn on her who was a great wolf.
14. She did instantly vanish and I did say unto Boraurthian, you have learned just the beginning lesson of using thy mind.  You will have to use thy intellect to solve many things in the days to come.
15. We did return unto the castle and I did let Boraurthian go back unto his more mundane studies, wherefore I did hope that my time with him would make an impression upon him.
16. I did depart and go back unto Avalon where Morgana was becoming a wise and powerful druidess.

1. Up until this time there was no High King upon the throne but it was only every lord for his own house and the Saxons were pressing in upon the people again, therefore they determined to appoint a King.
2. In order to appoint a King they did make a great tournament in the Londion district of New Troya.
3. Sir Cai the son of Hektor was competing and Boraurthian was his squire.
4. Now Boraurthian was thinking about what I had taught him to such an extent that he forgot Sir Cai’s sword in the Inn.
5. He did run back to find it as Cai’s turn was coming up and found the door to be locked and in a panic he did take out his Seer Stone from his pocket.
6. He did look and saw a sword more beautiful than any he had ever seen buried in the Church yard along with ancient records.
7. Boraurthian found a pitch fork in the barn out back and used its handle as a wedge to lift off the cover stone.
8. Boraurthian was amazed and knew that Sir Cai had never fought with such a fine sword, so he grabbed it and brought it to him.
9. Sir Cai did look at it and called his father over to him and his father did look at it, and they did see that it was the lost Sword in the Stone.
10. They announced that someone had taken the Sword out of the stone, and they did ask Boraurthian where he had gotten it, and he told them that he had pulled it out of a stone box in the Church yard.
11. They really did not believe him wherefore the whole crowed and all the nobles went unto the Church yard with him and the sword.
12. Hektor handed Boraurthian the Sword and asked him to put it back in the box, wherefore Boraurthian did.
13. Now Sir Cai said perhaps now that it is found anyone can take it out, so how shall we know if Boraurthian really did find it?  Hektor said to him, take it out then and see.
14. Sir Cai went to take the Sword out of the box and to his amazement was shocked by some unseen power and staggered backwards holding his hand.
15. Several other nobles tried and all were shocked.  Hektor then said, Boraurthian see if you can take it out again.
16. Boraurthian walked over to it and pulled it out without any problems and held it up.  There was a great commotion and Hektor said; Boraurthian is High King.
17. Many said; we shall not have this boy and a mere squire to rule over us!  Hektor walked out into the middle of them and said; you shall take him as your King for he is the Son of Uther, there is no other way he could have pulled it out.
18. That day many nobles pledged themselves to Boraurthian and many did not and went their way.  Wherefore those who stood by him did say, Hail Boraurthian, long live ye!

1. Now I Myrdin had consecrated the Sword Caledfawlech back unto mine Heavenly Mother the Lady of the Lake, by offering it into the water after the Order of the Druids.
2. Boraurthian did go about the land with his generals and men subduing the renegade Lords while I did return unto Avalon.
3. There I raised Morgana and taught her all the mysteries pertaining unto the Kingdoms of the Gods.
4. She did grow into a beautiful woman, wise and true.  I did teach her concerning the Holy Order of the Gods pertaining unto marriage.
5. The day did come that she did ask me to initiate her into that Order and I did say, but ye understand what the means do you not?
6. She did say unto me, I understand my lord, and even though ye are like a father to me, ye are not my father and I have fallen in love with you.
7. After she had proposed to me I did take her out into the woods and did anoint her with sweet oil and did Seal her up unto Eternal lives, forever and ever.
8. After that we did drink ale together and she did make love unto me, and we made marry and were bound together for all the Eternities to come.
9. We were also accompanied by a procession of Elves and Fairies, and Morgana’s Father did come unto us with white robes and did crown her with a crown of leaves.
10. All the woods were filled with life and magic and we did sleep together and rested among all the spirits of the forest.
11. Now Morgana did conceive and during this time, a certain king named Lot of Lothian did come unto Avalon.
12. Lot did say unto me, Boraurthian is subduing all the kings of Briton, should we go with him or should we fight to keep individual sovereignty?
13. I did say unto him, I am the one who hath set Boraurthian upon this course, and ye should join with him lest he become a Christian, and then ye should unite the believer’s in the true Gods against him.
14. But so long as he keeps the covenants of his Fathers ye should support him.
15. Now Morgana did have much love in her heart and she did seek to bring many husbands unto her bosom.  Therefor when Lot did stay at Avalon she did introduce him into the Holy Order of the Gods and did sleep with him also.
16. He did join with Boraurthian and did convince the other kings which were still against him to come unto him on the condition that he did make a covenant to uphold the true Gods of our race.

1. All the kings did come unto Boraurthian and he did raise his sword and made a covenant that he would protect the religion of our Fathers with his very life.
2. And when he had done this the congregation did see the flames of the candles become fairies and did dance in the air saying, we have heard thee Boraurthian and we shall not forgot thy covenant.
3. During this same time Morgana did go unto Lothian and did bear a Son of my race which was adopted by Lot, and who Morgana named Owain.
4. After I did hear that Boraurthian had made this covenant I decided that he was worthy and ready to have Caledfawlech and to unite Briton in the right way.
5. I did go unto him and did take him out unto the lake where mine Heavenly Mother did live under the waves.
6. We did go out upon a boat and in the mist Boraurthian did see her hand raising the sword out of the water.
7. Boraurthian did take hold of Caledfawlech, and the Lady of the Lake did say, Boraurthian love and be true unto the spirit of Caledfawlech and she shall care for and protect you.
8. But if ye reject her and that for which she stands she shall be the author of thy demise.
9. Upon our return I did anoint Boraurthian after the Order of the Malakim or the Eternal Kings, and did have him stand upon the stone in the midst of the camp and be coroneted after the order of his Fathers.
10. Now after I did leave the camp Morgana did come into the camp and unto Boraurthian’s tent and did initiate him into the Holy Order of the Gods.
11. Now when I found out what she had done, I did say but did I not tell thee that he is thy brother?  Whereupon Morgana said, can I not be a wife unto my Brother?
12. Now that night I did ask the Gods concerning this and a messenger did come down from the heavens and did say unto me, Myrdin is not all thy race brothers and sisters? 
13. Whereupon I was reminded neither to put stakes upon the Gods nor to forbid love.
14. I did go unto Boraurthian and did begin to teach him concerning the principles of a republic and that he should let his Lords and knights have a say in the affairs of Briton.
15. I did also teach him concerning men’s rights and of free-agency and the freedom of speech and religion, whereupon he should protect all men’s right to believe what they may, but also to protect the religion of his Fathers from all persecution.
16. Now I did go unto Lothian for a time and did teach my Son Owain, and did live happily with Morgana and Lot.

1. Morgana did bear another Son which she had conceived from Boraurthian and she did call his name Mordrid.
2. She did go outside and did hold up Mordrid and did bless him saying, Mordrid you shall be an arrow in the hands of the Gods; and ye shall even be their instrument in casting down thy father if he forgets his covenant.
3. I did ask Morgana if she initiated Boraurthian just so that she could bear the heir to the throne.
4. She did say; ye have done many things for thy agenda also my love.  I have done it for the Kingdom of the Gods and with righteous intent.  Also I have saved Boraurthian even if he falls.
5. Now Boraurthian did make a round table for the governing of the Kingdom after the manner of the table of Joseph of Aramethia of Glastonbury.
6. Many years did pass in peace and Boraurthian did govern the Kingdom in righteousness.  He did also build a castle at a place he called Camelann, and he did also catch the spirit of Calefawlech.
7. King Boraurthian did have three queens, Gwenhyfar, Findain and Guinavar all of which he introduced into the Holy Order of the Gods.
8. Boraurthian did also appoint my Son Owain whose new name was Gwain as a member of the council of the round Table.
9. And I shall not write concerning all of the affairs of the Kingdom nor of all of their adventures.
10. But they did protect the Kingdom from all physical and spiritual threats, and they did go into the other realms oft and did fight evil spirits.
11. Boraurthian also slew a giant bore that had run wildly through the land and did destroy many farms.
12. He did seek it out upon horse back and did shoot all his arrows at it until he had none left, he then did jump upon it and rode it while stabbing his sword into its neck.
13. His men did find him wounded in the woods upon the snow with the dead bore, and they did take him and the bore back in pieces and the whole castle of Camelann did eat it for their Yule feast.
14. Now Guinavar did love one of the knights of the order of the round table named Lancelot, and Lancelot was not a member of the Holy Order of the Gods for he was a Christian.
15. Boraurthian had also let a Christian Priest council the members of the round table from time to time, for some of them were Christians and those who were Christians did try to convince Boraurthian to forsake the ways of his Fathers since Boraurthian had protected their right to believe what they would.
16. Now it was upon this Yule feast that Boraurthian being wounded did send Gwain and his brother Mordrid to find Guinavar, for she and Lancelot were not at the feast.
17. Gwain and Mordrid did find her with Lancelot and they did bring them back unto Boraurthian, and Boraurthian did become exceedingly angry that she had broken the Order.
18. Now the Christian Priest did tell Boraurthian that it was the law of God that she be burned at the stake, and Boraurthian’s heart began to turn against the ways of his Fathers.

1. I Myrdin did arrive at the castle hearing there had been a problem in the Order and did find Boraurthian ready to kill Guinavar, Lancelot having fled.
2. I did call up unto him saying, Boraurthian you must stop this madness right now!  The Gods have never at any time asked us to punish those whom we believe to have sinned, why have you forsaken wisdom and mercy for Christian madness?
3. Now Boraurthian had been secretly converted Christianity and had forsaken the religion of his fathers through cunning lies, wherefore he did ignore me and commanded his men to lite the pyre.
4. My Son Gwain did refuse to guard the pyre with the Christian knights and we did together open the gate, for we did see the men of Lancelot coming.
5. A small battle did commence for the life of Guinavar and Lancelot did take her onto his horse and did ride away.
6. Boraurthian did curse me and Gwain saying, Myrdin, why have you defied your King?  I did say; you have made a covenant which you have broken and have become not a King but a murderer.
7. You have broken the trust of the Lady of the Lake and made enemies with thy own sword, which shall shed thy blood.
8. Boraurthian did point Caledfawleck at me and said; take it then if you can sorcerer.  I said; I do not have to.
9. Gwain, Mordrid and I then left the court at Camelann, and we did return unto Lothian.
10. Now Boraurthian did replace Gwain with Lancelot’s son Galahad, and did commence sending his Pagan knights upon long and perilous journeys to keep them away while he did hunt the druids.
11. Wherefore Boraurthian was Christened as Arthur and did begin to reign in darkness and did infringe upon the rights of his people according to the council of the Christian Priests.
12. At this time I did place a powerful enchantment over Avalon insomuch that it could not be found.
13. One night, Mordrid did go down to the water at the edge of Avalon and did look in the water and did ask the Gods to show him his identity and past life.
14. Now Mordrid did see the whole life of Taligan and it was revealed to him that he was Taligan and that it was his mission to kill Arthur.
15. Mordrid did tell me of his vision and I did embrace him, and did anoint him after the Order of the Malakim to be the once and future King of all Briton, seeing that Boraurthian had rejected his covenants.
16. Wherefore Mordrid did spend his time training in the ways of combat that he might kill his mortal father to preserve the ways of the Fathers and Gods of our race.
17. But I Myrdin did look at the stars in the circle upon the hill of Avalon and did see that it was now the age of the bound fish, and I did also understand that a great time of darkness was coming upon the earth regardless of the noble efforts of Mordrid.

1. Now Gwain did return unto his wife who was at the house of his father-in-law, who is the green knight, descendant of the giants.
2. Many years did pass and Morgana and I did study at Avalon and Mordrid did train.  Mordrid did also introduce to women into the Holy Order of the Gods named Bathian and Legrayn.
3. One day word came to us that Arthur was out upon a long journey in search for the Holy Graal.
4. I did know that the Graal was the bloodline of which Mordrid and Arthur were a part down from Esus through Igrayn and King Merovee, but Arthur did think it was the challis used by Esus; which challis was given unto the Druids of Avalon by Joseph of Aremathia.
5. Now I did say unto Mordrid, Mordrid you must gather an army for you and this is a perfect time seeing that Arthur is gone on a silly quest.
6. I did give Mordrid my blessing and he did go out and gather all of the Pagans that would follow him against the Christian imposters.
7. Now he did gather a great army of the true believers who had been persecuted, and they did come unto Avalon to be blessed.
8. Morgana Mordrid, Bathian, Legrayn and I did gather in the temple in the hill.
9. Bathian and Legrayn did go upon either side of Mordrid and did prepare him for burial by washing his feet with water and with their tears and anointing his head, body and loins and blessing him with the choicest blessings.
10. Arthur did return unto Camelann and Mordrid did muster his army and did inspire them with the thoughts of freedom that their ancestors once enjoyed, and they did march.
11. Arthur and his men did come out of the castle to go upon another quest against the Pagans and Mordrid and his men did ambush him in the forest before Camelann.
12. A fierce battle ensued and Mordrid’s men did take out all of the men around Arthur and Mordrid did come up before him.
13. They did have a fierce battle and Mordrid did graze Arthur several times.  Now Arthur did notice that he was bleeding profusely and did say; why am I bleeding?
14. Then Arthur and Mordrid did both hear the spirit of Caledfawlech say; Arthur I hate you and despise that ye wield me, wherefore I shall not keep you from bleeding but shall let thy blood flow.
15. Arthur began to become weary and Mordrid did knock Caledfawlech right out of his hand as if it jumped out of his grip to be away from him.
16. Arthur did say; Mordrid my son ye would not strike me down without a sword would you?  Mordrid did say; I am thy executioner and did stab him strait in the heart.

1. Now Sir Galahad did then come upon the scene and began to fight Mordrid, now they did also have a great battle, at the end of which Galahad did strike Mordrid down.
2. Mordrid did die there nobly lying upon the forest floor with a look of peace upon his face.
3. Now Arthur’s squire did ask Arthur just before he died who should be King and Arthur did say, my nephew Constantine the third.
4. He then did say unto him, I have been wrong oh squire, I should have let the Pagans believe.
5. Take this sword and offer it into the yonder lake after the manner of druids that peradventure I might be redeemed from this great sin.
6. His squire did go and see such a fine sword did hide it in the bushes and returned to his lord’s side, who did ask him what he did see.
7. The Squire did say, I saw it splash, and he did command him to go back and to do it this time, so he went back and then came again and said he just could not do it.
8. Arthur then did say; do it please, with his last breath, wherefore the squire went and threw it in the lake and he did see a heavenly white hand catch it and take it under the ripples.
9. Now I Myrdin did meet Arthur’s squire coming onto the scene to see what had happened and he did tell me this story.
10. Morgana was with me and she did run to Mordrid’s side and did begin to cry over him, and she did blame me for telling him to go.
11. Now I Myrdin did leave for I knew that she was not in her right mind and knowing that Mordrid’s men were there to bury him I did return unto Avalon.
12. I did know that sooner or later Avalon would be found by Constantine the third and it was revealed to me that I should hide the records in a safe place, wherefore I did pile up all the plates and tablets in the temple at Avalon upon great wooden platforms.
13. I then did use the mystery of the druids, with the metal disks with magnetic mercury engines within them to lift the records in several trips unto the chamber in the hill Temple I grew up by.
14. Now I did hide them and stack them up in that chamber amid the Viking carvings of dear in weaves.
15. I did then begin to write this record within this chamber and Morgana did begin to become more and more angry with me even though I did love her and I know that she doth love me.
16. But all human relations get strained after a time in this world.

1. One day Morgana was coming unto the cave to talk with me when she did see a patrol of guards and fearing the cave would be discovered did make the entrance stone fall in sealing me in.
2. And moreover she did seal it with the sealing power that it would not be uncovered again until the time that it should all come forth.
3. And I know this because I did look with my spiritual eyes and did see that this is the case, therefore I am locked in here and I have run off the last plate and therefore I have resorted to carving upon the walls.
4. My message unto the children of the Gods is this; go into altered states of consciousness and learn all you can, for ye are children of the Gods.
5. Don’t blame yourself for enjoying earthly pleasures for your mortal body was made to enjoy them.
6. The Gods shall love you and answer your calls as children before them, for this is truly the Key unto restoring all things.
7. I know that Mordrid shall come forth again in the latter days and shall restore many things insomuch that the world may again begin to enter an enlightened age.
8. There is so much darkness in this world now that is weighs down my heart in sorrow, but I know all things go in cycles and that the light shall become a great day spring upon the face of the earth once again.
9. I shall now write the history of our race upon these walls and after all is done I shall let this body become fatigued and leave it and pass into the lake where my Heavenly Mother awaits me.
10. We shall then ascend among the stars and shall pass through the Sun and go on and on to higher and higher degrees through the Duat which pertains unto the wisdom of the Patriarchal/Matriarchal Enodowment.
11. That sparkling golden gate doth await us, and we shall surpass all mortal understanding into ultimate enlightenment.
12. Oh my children through Gwain and also the children of my beloved Morgana through Mordrid, know that you have a noble heritage, one that you are just now beginning to uncover if you are reading this.
13. The Priesthood of the Druids is in the blood and has the power to bring one unto the highest and Holiest Order of the Gods.
14. The Keys unto the Holy Order is love and those who love wish that they could share more love with others and will let others share their love with those they love.
15. I bid unto all of thee, good luck until we shall meet.  My body becomes weary and I am want to retire unto the Nether World.
16. Heil the Gods!  Heil them forever my precious children, Amen.

[The history of the world that he then writes greatly resembles the opening of The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien. I don't know if it diverges at a later time. Maybe more will be translated to find out, but until then it seems that The Silmarillion picks up where this left off. Somewhat unexpected I'd say, but very interesting.]

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