The King of Asgurd, Nordlunde and many Isles
Translated by Seer Samuel Warren Shaffer

Picture by SirGrunt on Deviant Art

1. And Beria said unto his Sons, have Charity for thy brother, yea bear him up and provide for him that which he hath need of and ye shall not lose your reward, whosoever can understand these sayings let him hear it, but let the congregation remain confounded.
2. For whosoever administereth the sacrament of the Lord’s own flesh and blood unto his brother let him be anointed after two of his brethren administer it unto him, this is the Love of Christ.
3. For men without Charity cannot enter into this Order, nor can they understand it for unless he receiveth Charity he must be shut out of the marriage supper of the Lamb.
4. Wherefore who can hear it?  He that understands these words has the Key of Lives.

1. These are the wise sayings of Beria King of Troy to his six Sons.  Yea and the names of his sons were these, Aneas, Berian (which is also called Lug), Odin (who was named after Adin our first Father), Velian, Vilijar and Paris.
2. And these are not all of his sons for King Beria had two hundred wives and six hundred concubines.
3. Wherefore he called unto his royal brethren to help him provide for his talents, wherein he was called unto the Holy Order of God.
4. Wherefore he had great Joy and rejoicing in his posterity.
5. And it came to pass that his son Aneas and Berian Lug were lovers of combat and mighty men with the sword and the bow, save that they were sober before the Lord.
6. Wherefore Odin, Velian and Vilijar were lovers of wit and intelligence.  And Beria’s Son Paris was a lover of women.
7. Now it came to pass that King Beria instructed Paris to go in the way of Odin and Velian his brothers, and to study the words of scripture, for he said unto him,
8. You can in nowise enter into the Holy Order of God if ye lust after the flesh and have not Charity, wherefore repent and cross yourself in these things until ye can handle them according to the Spirit of Love.
9. Wherefore hear my words mine son, the misuse of this most Holy principle is next unto murder, for ye can spiritually destroy thy soul and the souls of silly women who are objects of kindness.
10. Wherefore study in the ways of a priest and make thy mind Holy before God, and until ye do these things ye can in nowise enter into the Kingdom of God.
11. Wherefore ye have missed the target in this thing and ye understand not the joy of giving for ye are full of selfishness and pride.  Repent and converse with the Gods and it will be well with thee.

1. Now it came to pass that the King of Sparta was a man of God and Anointed after the Order of the Ancients, wherefore he did come visit King Beria at Troy.
2. Wherefore the King of Sparta did also bring many of his wives.  And when the queens of Sparta were passing by, Paris saw one that made his lust enflame within him, for he had eyes full of adultery.
3. And her name was Helen, and Paris did talk with her in the palace.
4. And it came to pass that Paris did make friends with her, though his lips were full of guile.  And lust grew within his heart day after day, that he sought to lie with her.  And this thing was adultery for it was a desire to corrupt and dilute the Order with lust and wickedness, and not with soberness before the Lord.
5. Now Helen secretly liking Paris also did invite him to come on the return voyage unto Grecia.
6. Wherefore when Beria seeing Paris to be missing sorrowed within his heart, saying, mine youngest son is a snake in the nest, wherefore he shall work wickedness all of his days.  And I shall have no joy in him, for his ways are the crooked path continually. 
7. And now it came to pass that through Paris’ rebellion he did cause innocent blood to be shed.  Wherefore his punishment shall be eternal darkness.
8. For behold while the King of Sparta did visit the tomb of his ancestors, Paris and Helen did flee back unto Troy having committed adultery.  And this having started a bloody war in the which innocent blood was shed.

1. Now the Lord did look upon Troy from the heavens and did pass judgment upon it, for it grew wicked even though the example of their King had been righteousness all of his days.
2. For Paris had prively spread whordoms among the people.  And they did get worse in their desires year after year, for they did make an open mockery of the Holy Order before God.  For Beria being stricken in age had not the strength to call his people unto repentance.
3. Wherefore it came to pass that King Beria died and was gathered unto his Fathers even Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  And his people did pass the bounds of natural affection and became a wholly corrupt people. 
4. And it came to pass in those days that the Kings of Grecia rallied together against Troy, and an hundred thousand men launched their ships against it.  And in fear the people did turn unto their God and cried for deliverance.  Therefore the Lord made a terrible storm that the fleet did loose their way for a season that His purposes might be accomplished, for the people were not yet fully rip in iniquity.
5. Now it came to pass that Beria Lug did say unto his brethren, let us pray for our brethren peradventure the people might repent.  Yet the five sons of Beria came together in counsel and kept silence that they might hear the words of the Lord.  Wherefore the Lord did say unto them,
6. Mine noble princes of Troy, ye shall leave this people to perish, for they have become wicked in mine sight.  And I shall bring forth mine chosen seed from thy loins and from the wombs of thy wives, therefore those of you who seek after wisdom travel northward, and those of you who are quick in battle, stay for a little season, peradventure ye might convert some comrades in arms, whom shall be saved in the Kingdom of Heaven, therefore refuse the Kingship for I shall judge this land with a sore curse, wherefore by and by flee by sea when the time of destruction is at hand.  For behold I shall take thee to far distant isles, and ye shall be Sea Kings of great renown.  Yea through thy loins shall come Kings and warriors of mine people Israel.  Thus saith the Lord of hosts, even the God of thy Fathers, Amen.
7. Now it came to pass that Aneas and Berian Lug did terry for a season, and Odin, Velian and Vilijar did go by land, wherefore the men of Troy did say, a portion of our princes are FLED!
8. And it came to pass that the people did make Paris their King, and the people waxed strong in iniquity.  And Paris had many other brethren besides the older five but they followed in his ways.  Yea, after the time of mourning for Beria was passed the people feared not God and became lawless.
9. And they did raise Idols in the Temples and houses of prayer, and the anger of the Lord was kindled against them.  Wherefore he prepared means to show the Grecians the way that they might again get their bearings and come against them, for Troy was now rip for destruction.  And their sin was as Sodom.

1. Now it came to pass that Velian and Vilijar, did turn unto Odin, and did say.  Our brother Odin thou art now our head and may thou be king of the northern land to which we go, forever!
2. Wherefore Odin said unto them, Brethren thou art my princes and we shall be One and inherit the land God shall give us, together, for it is by his will that we go thence.  Wherefore his brethren said, the King hath so said.
3. And they journeyed for the space of several days, passing from the Land of Tir-Semica even into the wilderness westward.  Wherefore they did pass by boat across the channel and on the third night did pitch camp and called the place Meirid, for it was thick with trees.  And after the space of many days, they did travel northward and did cross many rivers.
4. Now it came to pass that as they traveled along, Velian saith unto Odin, tell us brother about the Gods after whom we are named.
5. Wherefore Odin brought them out into a secluded place in the woods and saith unto his brethren; behold I shall show thee a powerful sign that ye may see the Gods for thy-selves and know about them from which thou decendest.
6. Now Odin laid upon the ground and making the sign of the dove did ask his brethren to lay upon his arms.  Wherefore Velian laid upon his left arm and Vilijar laid upon his right.
7. Wherefore they opened their eyes and looketh up in the heavens and they saw father Wotan and mother Frigge in their majesty upon a tall white tower like unto ivory which is called Hlidsjalf.
8. Now when the brethren of Odin saw these things they cried out with joy for they saw their Lord upon his lofty tower.  Wherefore they did cry unto their Lord and Wotan looked upon them in love and saith;
9. Mine noble children of the Danu, I am leading you unto the land of ancient mysteries, for you are chosen above the whole earth to carry mine religion upon thy backs and to know my sweet mysteries, forever and ever, Amen.
10. Now they looked on and as they beheld the Lord with his face as bright as the Sun, and as they looked at their mother whose face was both bright as the Sun and clear as the moon they also saw another.
11. For behold they saw the Son come unto their right hands and into the embrace of their Mother and he looked upon them and smiled at them, and the vision was closed.
12. Now after they had arisen they praised the Gods of heaven for being so merciful and having let them see those things.
1. Now It came to pass that as Odin and his brethren traveled on over the many days of wondering they did become one with the nature around them.
2. For they did wonder in forest glades of giant oak trees and sat by the fire hearing the wisdom of their brother.
3. Now these are just a few things that they heard as they sat upon the forest floor hearing the words of their brother.
4. Velian and Vilijar there are many mysteries but I shall teach thee the one about the four quarters of the world.  There is verily a navel unto the world, which is at the center of all things.
5. For there is an energy in all things the life of the world, and there is a certain place that, that energy emanates from the core of this world.
6. But I would have you know that this is not the source of it, for the source of the light and life of the world is the Sun, and the light of the Sun is the light of the Anointed.
7. Now this energy emanates out of the navel of the world, and from thence unto our navel, if we are worthy to receive it.  This is why we have a navel mark upon our Garments.
8. The world is divided into four parts from it’s navel as if you were to cut an apple into four parts.  These parts are the source of the four winds and of the four organs, and four different kinds of animals and men, and of the four Spirits or Angels of God who are over those parts.
9. Now mine brethren, look up at the stars and know that thy Gods and that my God has given us the whole northern lands to rule over in righteousness and as Kings unto them.
10. Wherefore Vilijar asketh, Odin mine brother what are the four kinds of animals and of men?  Now Odin said, mine brother Vilijar this is a very good question and I will answer thee.
11. The kinds of animals that watch over the various parts of the animal kingdoms both in the spiritual realm and also on the earth are these; the Bull, the Lion, the Eagle and Men.
12. Wherefore Velian saith, but mine brother men are not animals, how can you say they are of the four animals?
13. Now Odin saith this is also a good question; many men are animals.  An animal is something that does whatever the spirits in its body tell it to do; it is purely a product of its circumstance.
14. Those beings we call men who are the captains of their own destiny are Gods.  This is the truth, thou are Gods even the children of the Gods.

1. Now it came to pass that Odin and his brothers traveled on many days, until they came even nigh unto a gate in the forest.
2. Velian saith, our brother we are running low on provisions, should we not knock on the gate and see if there is a master inside this wall?
3. Wherefore Odin saith, yea we shall.  Now the three brothers knocked and the door opened of its own accord, wherefore the brothers walked in.
4. Now behold there was a beautiful garden full of fruit trees and vineyards over flowing with produce, but no one could be found inside.
5. Odin saith unto his brethren, let us partake and if there needs to be payment when the masters return we shall make sure they are satisfied.
6. Wherefore it came to pass that Odin and his brethren did feast on fruits and grapes until they were satisfied and did lay on the lawn in that beautiful place.
7. Now it came to pass that when night fell, Odin arose and saw a beautiful woman walking in the garden dressed all in white. 
8. Wherefore Odin saith, my lady what recompense do we owe thee for coming into thy garden and eating of thy fruit.
9. Now the women saith, only this that you go and talk unto my father who is the King of Vanaheim, and if you can withstand his presence and answer his questions, you may go. 
10. Wherefore Odin saith, I shall do it and if I do not survive I pray that you will let my brethren go and consider myself as payment.
11. Now there was a large stone with no door and when the woman went up to it with her candle lit, suddenly Odin could see a hidden passage.
12. Odin and the women walked down the passage which opened up into a throne room.  Now upon the throne was a personage of great majesty and glory insomuch that the passage shone with his light.
13. Now Odin stood before him with great confidence knowing that he had full integrity of heart and knowing that he would not be consumed.
14. Wherefore the King upon the throne said, Son of Atin, oh ye fair traveler answer me these questions and you may have anything in my realm.
15. Now the King asked, what is the master of all races, and Odin saith, the Aryas.  And the King asked, is the chief of the Solar Gods male or female, and Odin saith, he is neither and he is both.
16. Wherefore the King asked what shall be the last of all battles, and Odin saith Ragnarock, and the King asketh what is after Ragnarock, and Odin saith another round of history; for the history of this earth goes on and on.
17. And finally the King asketh; what is the name of the first star in the belt of Atonoris, and Odin saith, Obra.  Now verily the King was very impressed insomuch that he said, you may have whatever you want; what is it that you desire?
18. Now verily through the Spirit Odin perceived that this was the last of the questions and not an open inquiry.  Wherefore Odin saith, I want thy daughter’s hand in marriage, and only if she consents.
19. Once Odin had said this the King arose and said, Odin you have passed the test.  If you had said anything but my daughter I would have slain thee, and if you had only said you wanted my daughter and did not include her feelings in the matter I would have slain thee.
20. For behold it was a prophecy that by this token I would know the man who would become King of the northern lands, and all those who have not passed the test have I slain and drank their blood.

1. Now the daughter of the King was named Hali, but when she was Sealed unto Odin by the King, Odin called her Frigg after the name of his Mother in Heaven.
2. Now it came to pass that Odin and his brethren replenished their provisions and ceased from traveling northward but started traveling east.
3. Now as they camped together Odin introduced his wife unto his brethren, and she satisfied them and their marriage bed was undefiled, for they were bound together in purity and love.
4. And now it came to pass that after the space of many weeks they came into the land of Asaheim, and Odin finding a large river declared that, that was the place where he would build his first city.
5. Now the people of the land were gentle dwellers of the forest, pure white and of good report.
6. Wherefore Odin began to teach unto them the mysteries of the Gods and of the stars and of all herbs and poetry and art, insomuch that the people became loyal unto him and they commenced to build a Temple in that place.
7. And Odin called the place Asgurd.

1. Now the dwellers of Asgurd did pray unto Father Wotan and Mother Frigg often insomuch that they bowed eastward three times a day and called upon their God.
2. And it came to pass that the Temple was completed, and Odin and his brothers went throughout the land to find wise men of good report to call unto the Apostleship.
3. And it happened that they did call twelve men to be Apostles and to oversee the ordinances of the Temple of God.
4. And the names of these twelve men were, Fiel, Bomar, Gib, Tronar, Vagli, Floniel, Esreel, Balnar, Renar, Galor, Elram and Jarul.
5. Now Odin and his brethren did teach these men in all the mysteries of the Lord, and taught them how to teach the people and get Revelations for themselves, insomuch that these twelve men did go throughout the land doing the work of the ministry and calling men unto callings within the Church and Kingdom in Asgurd.
6. Now Odin declared unto the People that he was King and that in his absence the duty of King should fall upon his brothers jointly, and next in authority was the Twelve Temple Priests who had been called as Apostles.
7. Now it came to pass that Asgurd flourished and became a great city and a center for Temple worship, insomuch that many minor surrounding countries ruled over by unwise kings did become jealous of the riches of Asgurd.
8. And it happened during the seventh year of Odin’s reign, that Odin’s scouts did spy his enemies making preparations for war against Asgurd.
9. Now during his reign he had constructed a wall around the city and made much of his own preparations for the protection of his people, insomuch that when Odin heard the news he made even greater preparations for war.
10. And Odin even trained a great army of the inhabitants of Asgurd, and gave them blessings insomuch that they were without fear.

1. Now it came to pass in the seventh year of Odin’s reign, that a great army from the country to the south began to come across the wilderness in between their two lands.
2. Wherefore Odin saith unto his people, Wotan hath revealed unto me the mysteries of combat insomuch that he shall give us the victory, and the victory shall be ours from hence forth and forever.
3. And Odin did go throughout his army blessing his chief generals and his captains of fifties and his captains of tens by laying his hands upon their heads.
4. And now Odin did have all his men dedicate themselves into the care of the Gods and he did show them a hand sign, wherefore many of them saw that they were accompanied by beings of light.
5. Wherefore they were in the proper state of mind and mode to be without fear, knowing the blessings of the Gods were upon them.
6. And now Odin had also taught them many mysteries of combat that were had by the princes of Troy which made them confident, but more than this was the blessings of the Gods, for verily with those blessings they knew that a child could take on mighty men and wild animals.
7. Wherefore when Odin and his men came into a particularly deep part of the forest they saw the other army approaching, and knowing that these men were accustomed to making battles on open fields and relying on formations of their ranks Odin did command his men to fall upon them and to divide them and to tear them apart like wild animals.
8. Now it came to pass that Odin’s men were strengthened by the Gods and the enemy’s weapons did not pierce them, and they knowing the secret arts of combat found their weapons to be less useful than their hands.
9. Wherefore they did jump upon their opponent’s shields and tor them apart and bit their necks, and killed men in one blow, insomuch that the other army ran in all directions hoping to hid themselves.  But Odin’s men perused them in every direction and killed them with their bare hands.
10. Now after the battle Odin and his men regrouped and counted everyone insomuch that everyone was accounted for save a whole council of ten.  Now their bodies could not be found, wherefore Odin commanded everyone to return and pray before the Temple for their safe return.
11. And now it happened that after three days they did all return, and told a tale about how they had perused a certain brigade of fast moving scouts that were headed for a neighboring country to get assistance, and to tell them of the evils of Odin’s army.
12. Now behold they did tell how they caught up with and killed the very last scout right before the boarder of that other land, and how they returned home.
13. Now Odin announced unto the citizens of Asgurd that not one of their men had perished, wherefore they did have a great feast and celebration to thank the Gods for their mercy and for protecting their children, insomuch that none of Odin’s men boasted in their own strength but attributed all that had transpired and their very lives unto the mercies of the Gods.
14. Wherefore Asgurd did grow in righteousness and power, and it was even then rumored around many lands that victory belonged unto Odin King of Asgurd.

1. Now it came to pass in the ninth year of Odin’s reign that in the spring Odin saith unto his people, behold I have longed to see many lands and it hath been revealed unto me that Velian and Vilijar should reign in my absence.
2. Therefore be faithful unto Wotan, and to all of the Gods and it shall be well with you, fare-well until we shall meet again.
3. Now Odin mounted his horse and rode off to the north of Vanaheim, and he was gone for the space of two and a half years.
4. And it came to pass that Velian and Vilijar did take Frigg to wife in the absence of Odin, which was a glorious custom among those at Asgurd; to take care of your brother’s wife in his death or absence.
5. Wherefore this was more out of custom and to give a good example unto those at Asgurd than it was out of necessity, for behold Velian, Vilijar and Frigg were already members of that most Holy Order wherein all were married in One.
6. Now when Odin returned he ceremonially took back Frigg, and the people had a great feast, for they had feared that Odin had been killed for he had been away for so long.
7. And it happened that at the feast Odin told many great tales about his adventures, and he told of finding an isle called Gothheim, and also of finding a new land in the north.
8. Wherefore he reported that one of the Sons of Vanaheim named Gothem ruled over that isle, and that he was a just King and had treated Odin well.
9. Odin also said that there were giants in the land of the north that measured about nine cubits high, were bluish or green in color and that some even had horns or antlers.
10. Now Odin said that he had made friends with them through many contests and battles which cannot all be written in this account, wherefore Odin said that his next city would be in that land and that there was an easy way to get there by ship from Asgurd that he had discovered on his return journey.
11. Wherefore the people desired to know from whence came such giants, and Odin saith they came from a land even more northern than the northern lands, which is beyond the ice.
12. Now Odin taught unto the people that their world was divided into three parts, Vanaheim which is west of the Trojan Sea, Asaheim which is east of the Trojan Sea, and Swithiodelheim which is the northern lands.
13. Now no man had yet conquered the northern lands because of the giants, wherefore this is the reason the King of Vanaheim had great hope in the prophecy about Odin.
14. For the King of Vanaheim was secretly one of the Gods and his daughter half mortal and half immortal, wherefore only Odin who was perfect in his generations and in his temperament was worthy of her.

1. Behold it came to pass that Frigg’s Father the wise decided to return into the heavens, wherefore he built a ship and took his journey out of this world.
2. Wherefore it came to pass that Vanaheim was left without a King and without an heir, for behold Gothem refused to return unto the fatherland of Vanaheim and be the King of the whole land, he being happy with his own isle.
3. And now Frigg did say unto Odin, you are their King for I am the princess of Vanaheim, go therefore and posses it, and then once you take over Swithod, you shall take your rightful place as the King of the whole world.
4. Now Odin did lay his hands upon and blessed a selected group of men and they did all go in a great precession to Vanaheim to make Odin King.
5. And now it came to pass that a certain group of councilors who had no right unto the Kingdom did place themselves upon the throne and told the people of Vanaheim that they would be their new rulers.
6. Wherefore when Odin and his men arrived they found an army set against them.  Now the dwellers of Vanaheim had made mounds with wooden walls and spikes in the forests and set themselves against the men of Odin.
7. Odin saith unto his men, I only want to know if the people are satisfied with their situation, wherefore let us go with great hast through this army and kill as little as possible.
8. Now Odin advanced and the army of Vanaheim let loose many volleys of arrows at them, therefore Odin’s men having been blessed with the blessings of the Gods advanced with the speed of wild animals.
9. And now Odin’s men had a hard time breaking through all the wooden spikes, and the army of Vanaheim shot them many times and wailed upon them insomuch that God said unto Odin that victory was changeable.
10. Wherefore Odin having received this Revelation feared for his men, wherefore he commanded them to retreat.
11. Now it came to pass that Odin sent word back to Asgurd to send many more men in the hundreds.
12. And now it came to pass that many more men came, and Odin blessed them insomuch that they had faith that they were in Gods hands.
13. Wherefore it happened that on the marrow Odin’s men charged upon the men of Vanaheim early in the morning as the Sun came up in the favor of Odin and his men.
14. Therefore it came to pass that a great battle commenced unlike history had ever seen, and the men of Odin were astonished to find that the dwellers of Vanaheim had the blessing of the Gods also.
15. Wherefore in the heavens the Gods were torn as to who they should support, for the dwellers of Vanaheim had accepted the councilors and the children of the Gods were upon both sides.
16. Now the Gods blessed both sides and let it play out however it may, wherefore all those who perished were gathered unto Valhalla, and when they saw each other in the spirit they realized they were brethren and embraced crying upon each other’s shoulders.
17. And behold Odin looked up and saw a vision in the midst of battle, and he saw the realm of Valhalla and he rejoiced that the battle was not in vain. 
18. Wherefore even the Vanalanders would not shoot upon him when he was in the vision or when he was out of it, for they knew he was the Lord’s anointed.  And Odin would not fight someone who would not fight him, wherefore he wondered throughout the battle to command his men.
19. Now the losses upon both sides were great and when night came they returned to their camps and sorrowed over the dead.

1. And now it came to pass that on the morrow the Vanalanders came upon the Aselanders, and another great battle ensued, wherefore the spirits in Valhalla looked down and sorrowed over the losses upon both side.
2. Now the spirits seeing all of this, and knowing a lot of them had already passed through the gates into the halls of Valhalla desired the battle to cease.
3. Now they did call upon the Archangels and all of the Gods to do something to stop it, wherefore a great Archangel among the Gods named Saboath was sent from the seventh heaven to make peace.
4. Now as the two armies fought with great fury upon the battle field a great light shone upon all of them and they all stopped and looked up.  Now every last warrior heard a voice speak from the heavens which said, my children!  Remember that you are brethren.
5. Wherefore they all stopped nodded their heads at each other and went on their way, back to their own homes, one army to Vanaheim and the other to Asaheim.
6. And now it came to pass that it was revealed unto Odin and to the councilors at Vanaheim that they should send some of their best men unto each other to council one another so that there would be no bitter feelings and so that this would not happen again.
7. Wherefore the dwellers at Vanaheim selected three men whose names were, Nord and his son Fraiel and Kavasel.  Now Nord and Fraiel were just and true and Kavasel was the deemed to be the wisest man in Vanaheim.
8. Now the people of Asaheim selected two men whose names were, Han and Mimiel.  Now Han was a good speaker and Mimiel had the gift of good council.
9. And now it came to pass that the judges of the people saw the talents of Han, wherefore they elected him to be the chief counselor over Vanaheim.
10. But it came to pass that the people grew discontent with him, for he always had Mimiel by his side to give him council, and whenever Mimiel was not there and a hard case was laid before him he would say, let me council with Mimiel.  Or what do the other judges think?
11. Now there was a plot by the old councilors to kill Mimiel, for they felt they had been cheated and they wanted to expose Han.  Wherefore they killed Mimiel in the night and put his head in a bag and sent it unto Asgurd.
12. And now it came to pass that when the head was given unto Odin, he was very wroth.
13. Wherefore he soaked the head in herbs so that it would not decay, and he blessed a copper peace with the symbols of Nogath upon it and he placed it under Mimiel’s tongue, and he blessed and sang enchantments unto the head insomuch that it could speak.
14. Now it came to pass that Mimiel’s head did expose the plot of the wicked councilors insomuch that Odin rode out in the night upon his horse wearing a traveling cloak and with a spear in hand.
15. And now Odin came unto the capital city of Vanaheim which was called Belin, and he found the wicked councilors in the house of the old chief councilor, and he did storm the house and he came unto them and said, you have shed innocent blood for Mimiel was the Lord’s anointed!
16. Now the councilors did pull out their swords, but the blessing of God was with Odin and the curse of God was upon the councilors for God had withdrawn his spirit once they had plotted against Mimiel, and judgment had already been passed upon them when they slew him.
17. Wherefore it came to pass that Odin fell upon his foes who said, Behold Bizarian hath possessed him!  For Bizarian was a God of craziness.  And from hence forth when the power of God was with Odin and his men they were called the Bizerkers.
18. Therefore Odin executed those evil murderers and he put their heads upon his spear and placed them in town square for all to see.
19. And it came to pass that Mimiel’s head became a relic of the Seers in Asgurd, for Mimiel was wise and his head would dictate verses of scripture sent from the Gods themselves.

1. Now Nord and Fraiel were righteous men and Odin blessed them and ordained them unto the Apostleship, and made them chiefs of the sacrifices within the House of the Lord.
2. And now behold Fraiel had a daughter he called Frayia, and she was wise in all of the mysteries of the God King of Vanaheim; for she was a Priestess after the Holy Order of the Gods and Goddesses.
3. And it came to pass in her days that with the help of Odin she did establish a great Garden upon the mountain above Asgurd wherein only the members of the Holy Order could enter.
4. Wherefore the very soil and life within the Garden became sanctified insomuch that they began to enjoy a paradisiacal glory within the walls of the Garden.
5. And Nord and Fraiel were wise and labored in the ministry night and day insomuch that all the people of Asgurd gave ear to their sayings.  And they oversaw the Temple sacrifices and performed many Eternal marriages and many other ordinances pertaining unto the House of God.
6. Now Odin grew restless again insomuch that he desired to go possess Swithodelhim, wherefore he selected his best men and blessed them and they gathered their provisions and departed in a boat down the river toward the sea of Swithod.
7. Now they did come out into the sea and did sail for the space of several days until they came unto the shore of Swithodelheim.  And now Odin and his men did walk for several days through the forests of Swithodelheim, insomuch that they did marvel at its beauty and its precious things.
8. And now they did meet some giants just as Odin had described them, and seeing that it was Odin and his men they did fear them.
9. Wherefore coming to another river Odin saith, this is the place of my next city and it shall be called Swithold.
10. And now in tribute to the greatness of Odin one of the Giant Kings gave his daughter unto Odin to be a wife unto him; and her name was Hilda and she was exceedingly beautiful.
11. Wherefore she did have light blue skin and two small spikes upon her head and she also had long light red hair.  And now Odin did have a Son with her whose name was Thorian.
12. And now after a year and a half Odin returned unto Asgurd to establish a well founded route between it and Swithold insomuch that there could be free travel and communication between them.
13. Wherefore it came to pass that many people from Asgurd came to Swithold and both Asgurd and Swithold became great cities and centers of sacrifice, for Odin also built a Temple unto Frigg and to Baldur in Swithold, just as there was a great Temple unto Wotan in Asgurd.
14. And now it came to pass that the people grew in righteousness and in honor and Odin was a just King over them.

1. And now it came to pass that Frigg came to live in Swithold and Odin had many other wives also; both of the giants and of the daughters of Asgurd.
2. And now Velian and Vilijar did rule over Asgurd and Odin ordained new Apostles over the Temple work in Swithold.
3. Wherefore the names of the Apostles of Swithold were Nord, Fraiel, Heimdal, Thorian son of Hilda, Baldur son of Frigg, Malcius and Sigurdiel.
4. Now it came to pass that once all things were set in Order in Swithold that Odin put on his traveling cloak and went to the sea where a boat was waiting for him.
5. Wherefore Odin did put the flag of the emerald hook-cross upon the mast, and he did set sail with a few comrades. 
6. Now they did go over many troubled waters even until they came unto the land of Gardarik.
7. And now it came to pass that Odin found many white and delightsome Aryas in that place insomuch that he did build a cottage by a stream and decided to settle there for a time.
8. Now many people often came from both Swithold and Asgurd to council with Odin in his cottage, and Odin was always happy to see them and to greet them, but when they would ask him things pertaining to matters of state he would reason with them but never tell them what to do.
9. Wherefore during their meetings in his cottage late at night, they would behold Odin begin to shine so much that it was as if he would stand from off the ground, and this always happened when he was dispensing the mysteries of the Kingdom of the Gods unto them.
10. And it came to pass that he did endow them with power and with the Keys of knowledge and did reveal the mysteries of the Priesthood unto them.
11. And now Odin found many young and fair daughters of that land insomuch that he took unto himself seven wives all having golden hair.
12. Wherefore it came to pass that he had many sons in that place, and when they grew he taught them the art of ruling with justice and the art of war and of the knowledge of the Gods.
13. And now he set them over various parts of the land, insomuch that they did all become dukes of that land.  And now Odin did have a daughter named Gezion, and Odin loved Gezion so much that he did take her with him when he sailed from that land.
14. Now it came to pass that they came unto an Isle of the Sea that they called Odinheim, and Frigg came to live with them.
15. And now Odin never left a land until he knew his wives would be taken care of by someone that they loved and that he trusted, or else he would take them with him.
15. And it came to pass that Gezion grew to be a powerful and wise woman, insomuch that she was stronger than many men, and also beautiful and cunning.
16. And now there was another isle ruled over by a wise King named Gyelven, and he did desire to make peace with Odin, and Odin did give unto him Gezion in marriage according to her own will.  And Gyelven did give unto her fifty acres of land.
17. And now Gezion could not happily be contained her whole life in the court of Gyelven, for her Spirit desired to soar unto the ends of the earth.
18. Wherefore she requested Gyelven to let her go and discover new lands, and he said, my dear Gezion I could not contain you against your will, go with my blessing and return unto me one day.
19. Now she desired to be like unto her father in every way and to discover new lands for him.  Now Odin did give unto her a Holy kiss and she did sail northward into the icy lands to find the realm of the giants beyond the bitter cold.
17. And it came to pass that she did return from that land after the space of sixteen years with four giant sons upon her ship.  And she did tell unto her father Odin that she had found the inner earth or in other words the land of Joton from whence the giants came.
18. And she also told Odin about another sun upon which the Giant gods had a residence.  And now the names of her four giant sons were Lunicor, Abranal, Enthenor and Oricor.

1. And now it came to pass that Gezion did take four Garments of the Holy Priesthood and did wash, anoint and dress her four sons in them.
2. Now she did say unto them, the collar on the Garment does represent a yoke, insomuch that ye should always remember to do the work of the Lord.
3. And now my sons you have been adopted into the family of the Aryan Gods, even of the house of Wotan. 
4. Wherefore see yonder our land does go into the sea, and if you want an inheritance of it you must help me gather stones and make the land extend out into the water.
5. And now Oricor did make a big machine to move rock for himself, Enthenor did play his harp and did tell the mer-spirits that lived in those days that he would resurrect them if they would build up the land for him.
6. Abranal said that he needed no inheritance and became a traveling bard, insomuch that he went to go preach the message of Odin in many Isles of the sea.  Lunicor did say he would rather live under the water and made a ship to take himself beneath the waves.
7. And now it came to pass that the land that was thrown up and extended out by the sons of Gezion became known as Sealand.
8. Wherefore it came to pass that all of Gezion’s sons had differing ways of doing things but they all kept the faith of Wotan and labored under the yoke of the Priesthood.
9. Therefore they were made strong and their burden’s were light and Gezion had much joy in them.
10. And now Odin had a son named Skold, and he was born on this wise, after Gezion left toward the north Odin was one day out on the beach looking at the stars and uttering prayers and spells to aid her.
11. Now Odin looked across the waves and saw a glorious Angeless walking upon the water.  Now Odin beckoned her to come near, and she did come unto him.
12. Now she was beautiful beyond description and she did cloth herself in a mortal tabernacle so that Odin could touch her.  Wherefore Odin having great love for her asked if she would like to lay upon the shore.
13. And now she did consent and they did make holy love with one another all that night, and it came to pass that she told Odin that she would have a Son and that in order for him to have a mortal tabernacle she would have to eat the fruit of the earth.
14. Now Odin did offer for her to drink from him, and she did so insomuch that Odin’s own blood and his seed did contribute to the making of Skold.
15. And now when Gezion returned Skold immediately fell in love with her.  Now she did built a castle at the tip of Sealand, wherefore Skold went to go live with her.
16. Now Gezion did bring Skold into the Holy Order of the Ancients, insomuch that they did make holy love everyday for many years.

1. And now it came to pass that Odin became bored with Odinheim and desired to go on an adventure again.  Wherefore he did sail across the waters even to a distant part of the land of Swithod.
2. And now he found a lake that was pure and clear and looked as a mirror, wherefore he began to build a city by it and he called the city Sigtun.
3. Wherefore it came to pass that the Apostles from Swithold all desired to live near him again, wherefore they all appointed new Apostles in their places and came unto Sigtun and assisted Odin in building a new Temple in that place.
4. And it came to pass that Odin did dedicate the Temple unto Lucifarian, and he did bless Sigtun that it would always be protected by the power of the Sig.
5. And now from that place he did sing the hymn of the Sig into all his fellow’s shields and did bless many warriors, and whoever he blessed had victory.  And no one dared to come against neither Odin nor the rulers blessed under his own hands.
6. And it came to pass that Odin did begin the tradition in that place to say Sig Odin!  And he taught his people that they should hail their righteous Fuhrers thus.
7. And now Odin did initiate the law that if a man wanted to come again into the world because he did not feel he had made his calling and election sure than he should be burned upon a pile of wood along with the things that would remind him of his goal.
8. Wherefore those who knew they would take up their body in the meridian of time could be buried in the tombs of their fathers.
9. Odin did also tell his people to take care of their brother’s wife when their brother was away, either on an adventure or in death.
10. And Odin also did make all things common in that everyone had a stewardship according to their own abilities.  And the people did sacrifice on midwinter for a good year, and they did sacrifice upon midsummer for the blessings of the Sig and for victory in battle.
11. And now all the people were at peace and love and joy did increase among them, for they were of one heart.
12. Now Odin was getting old and he knew he would soon die, wherefore he did have the signs of the Priesthood carved into his skin, and he did stand naked in front of all his people, and did tell them he would die, and that he carved the signs of the Priesthood into his skin with the tip of his spear so that it would always be indelibly carved into their minds.
13. Now he did also say that he desired to be burned so that he could come back and continue the good fight, wherefore after this he did lay upon his bed with the spear point upon his chest and he did fall asleep.
14. Wherefore his servants did build a pile of wood and did place him upon it naked with his spear point upon his chest.  And now they did light the pile, but low and behold in the burning fire Odin arose and stood up and he shone with exceedingly great glory.
15. And now Odin saith, my Father which art in heaven, tell my people how this can be; for I have taught them that thy Son would bring the resurrection in the meridian of time.  And now some saw a light and a personage and others only heard the voice.
16. And now the voice did say, my Son Odin, there are many Sons of God, and they have all made the resurrection possible for you; behold I am one of them.
17. Now when some of the people had heard this Odin vanished with his arms raised high in the sign of the Patriarchal Priesthood.
18. And now the people knew that Odin had joined his Father Wotan and that he had become a God, and was admitted into the Celestial Kingdom of the Gods, for so they saw and heard with their own eyes.
19. And now Odin’s sons and his wives stood around, and they all said to themselves, this man will not easily be forgotten unto the end of the world!  Hail Odin the KING of the North, even a KING of kings.  Amen!

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