The Son of the Dragon


Act I

Truth, Bondage, and Death

            My name is Vlad Dracul, and I am the son of the Dragon, left in my charge was a large realm of ancient Europe.  That I might learn to govern, and learn wisdom I was sent unto turkey for my education.  There I learned a valuable lesson, yea a lesson so valuable that all who do not learn this lesson shall surely perish in darkness.  Surrounded by the children of this earth I learned the difference between the light and darkness, I learned that those who surrounded me and claimed to be my teachers were in fact insidious bastards who sought to destroy and steal, my birthright, even the birthrights of all of God’s children.

            Some have said that I was cruel, but I was not, I was lenient, for if you do not drive off your enemies with fear, they shall return.  I learned this in a Turkish prison. For I had been walking in the courtyard of my school much troubled of mind concerning the things I had been taught, sorting out in my thoughts the truth and the lies.  When I heard a commotion, I looked up and I beheld that three students were abusing a young woman and were going to rape her. I drew my blade, which I had hidden for blades were forbidden me by the corrupt school masters who sought to keep me submissive. I fell upon the students with great fury, and I rent their uniforms and their flesh with my blade and fist, I beat them into submission. As they cowered before me, for I neither killed nor maimed them, I told them that if I so much as heard of them taking advantage of another young woman against her will they would not be half so lucky. The woman feared me, which is understandable considering I was a foreigner and clearly stronger and more ferocious than three men of her country. I sheathed my dagger and bid her go in peace, to rest this day, collect herself and that it would probably be best to avoid this god forsaken university of beasts for they would likely want revenge. I gave her my coat for a covering and the remainder of my rations for that day and she scurried off, I never heard from her again.

            Needless to say the spineless whelps fled to their masters to let them know of my brazen display of power. 5 armed guardsmen with spears and scimitars and armor awaited me at my next class. They surrounded me and the school master brought me to my knees with his boot at the back of my knee, he then searched for and found my dagger, taking it, he cut my cheeks with it and stomped on the back of my head, ramming my face into the ground. He said that he would have no more of my foreign pride, and that I would be broken in the dungeon. The guards carried me to the dungeon as those wretched dogs in my class laughed at me.

            I then had a cell for my abode. Beasts of burden received more care and were better fed. At times I scarcely had old hay for my nourishment let alone meat. They tortured me at times, but never hard, they knew they could leave no lasting marks lest they have a war on their hands. They told me then, they did not intend for a large scale war when they would take Europe, it wasn’t good enough to waste soldiers on they said, but I saw the lust in their eyes. Rather they would invade peaceably, immigration, they would clog and capture our infrastructure and destroy our heritage, saying we have no reason to be proud and that we should not bother to live let alone have posterity.

More shall be revealed at a later time.

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